• How to remove unwanted apps from Gnome-Desktop?

    I have installed GNOME with antergos. There are many app which i dont use or I dont want to use. But I am not able to remove these apps - like Contacts, etc. They are very tightly coupled with other libraries. Any solution on how to remove these apps?

  • as Antergos is using a meta package to install DE you can see that there also a dependency tree that will ommit to uninstall them:

    depends=('antergos-gnome-defaults-list' 'baobab' 'brasero' 'evince' 'eog'
        'file-roller' 'gedit' 'gnome-backgrounds' 'gnome-calculator'
        'gnome-calendar' 'gnome-contacts' 'gnome-control-center' 'gnome-documents'
        'gnome-disk-utility' 'gnome-font-viewer' 'gnome-keyring' 'gnome-logs'
        'gnome-maps' 'gnome-music' 'gnome-photos' 'gnome-screenshot' 'gnome-shell'
        'gnome-shell-extensions' 'gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock'
        'gnome-shell-extension-status-menu-buttons' 'gnome-sound-recorder'
        'gnome-system-monitor' 'gnome-terminal' 'gnome-themes-extra'
        'gnome-tweaks' 'gnome-weather' 'gvfs-google' 'gvfs-mtp' 'gvfs-smb'
        'hicolor-icon-theme' 'libgnome-keyring' 'nautilus' 'network-manager-applet'
        'networkmanager-openvpn' 'networkmanager-pptp' 'pamac' 'polari'
        'python-pysmbc' 'qt5ct' 'seahorse' 'totem' 'transmission-gtk'
        'xdg-user-dirs-gtk' 'xscreensaver')


  • @joekamprad I tried installing the arch-linux vanila, but it still had some dependencies. Neverthe less. Thank you

  • what io want to say before is that the Antergos-Meta package adding some extra dependencies to get Gnome updated easely, but GNOME itself has its dependency tree what will make it not realy possible to uninstall unneeded apps at all if they are binded to GNOME itself.

    If you want more freedom with apps other DE’s are a better choice, as GNOMES main feature is to give you afull Desktop and apptree as it is.

    It is possible to make use of other ones like using alternatives for email client, browser terminal e.t.c and you can change some apps to use mainly inside control center, but uninstalling or get rid of them complete is n ot possible at ease… for an example you can use another terminal emulator, but bit is not possible to change to this inside nautilus (open in terminal)

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