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    I’ve just discovered "antergos i3 meta package" and it is beautifull!!!
    Every time I tried to use i3 wm (gaps) there was always something that did not work, for example pamac did not open, or if it opened, did not load the popup for the password, and many other small things that made the situation a little frustrating, of course, my installation of arch was not enough and lacked some support package or something like that I don’t know, the system was usable but now, I LOVE IT. I’m waiting for i3 default installation directly from cnchi!! <3

  • Do you mind to share a Screenshot then?
    And very welcome at the forum (me also on i3 here)

  • claro que si!! I have not customized it yet, I just fixed the touchpad, set the battery indicator in the status bar and set yellow to indicate active windows.

  • you can use compton to get transparency if you like:

    exec --no-startup-id compton --config ~/.config/compton.conf -b


  • another usefull tip to get password graphical checks:

    sudo pacman -S polkit-gnome

    and add:

    exec --no-startup-id /usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1

    to i3 config

  • @joekamprad Thanks for the password graphical checks!

    @PEP Are you saying your installation of antergos-i3-meta looked like that from the start (minus the yellow borders)? Because mine doesn’t look anything like that. It looks more like a bare-bones no config version.

    I’ve tried reinstalling and generating a new config with i3-config-wizard (I need that anyway for my German keyboard layout). I’ve read through some of the documentation and I get that I’ll have to configure at least some stuff myself. The thing is, I’d like it a lot better to start with an at least to some extent pre-configured and nicely themed version like the one in the screenshot. Any advice?

  • @mikesch i use i3blocks as the buttom bar to have nice features like clickable settings rss feed and status.

    Like a handy audio settings and status view:

    # Volume mixer
    # Volume indicator

    you can take a look to my main configs for i3-setup, configs are easy to handle and understand:
    they are based on the original Antergos-settings but i do some fixes for icons theming e.t.c.

  • @joekamprad Looking at your configs on your github-page has helped me a lot. Though I still am a bit confused about various things.
    For example: Are you somehow using both i3blocks and i3status together? With the help of your i3status.conf I got kind of close to the look of your i3bar (although all the blocks were too tight and cut off on the right side, i think the icons were messed up, too).
    And when I set “status_command i3blocks” I lost the look defined in your i3status.conf. So I took a look at the i3blocks.conf, which doesn’t look quite the same. Which makes me unsure of how to configure i3blocks with your settings and icons. I guess I don’t understand how to use i3blocks yet.

    Sorry if my post is is a bit confusing. As I said I’m quite confused myself. Thanks in advance for any advice and have a nice day/night.

  • Edit: Oh well, the original antergos-i3-meta look, shown in PEP’s screenshot, is all I wanted in the first place. But mine didn’t look like that and removing and then reinstalling the i3 packages didn’t help. So if figuring out why that is would be easier I’m all for it.

  • this snippet is what is used by antergos-i3-meta to start the bar using i3-status inside ~/.config/i3/.config:

    # Start i3bar to display a workspace bar (plus the system information i3status
    # finds out, if available)
    bar {
    	status_command i3status
    	font pango:monospace 9
    	colors {
    		background $bg-color
    	    	separator #757575
    		#                  border             background         text
    		focused_workspace  $bg-color          $bg-color          $text-color
    		inactive_workspace $inactive-bg-color $inactive-bg-color $inactive-text-color
    		urgent_workspace   $urgent-bg-color   $urgent-bg-color   $text-color

    You can see that colours are set by a kind of a symlink with the $ sign: (before the bar options inside .config)

    set $bg-color            #2f343f

    so every where you want to set #2f343f as colour you can use the symlink “tag” $bg-color

    if you are using i3blocks you are taking i3blocks instead of i3status:

    bar {	
            status_command i3blocks -c ~/.config/i3/i3blocks.conf
    	position bottom
    	colors {
    		separator          #666666
            	background         #222222
            	statusline         #dddddd
            	focused_workspace  #0088CC #0088CC #ffffff
            	active_workspace   #333333 #333333 #ffffff
            	inactive_workspace #333333 #333333 #888888
            	urgent_workspace   #2f343a #900000 #ffffff }

    As you can see i use only direct color codes… #2f343a

    you can set also like this for more easy use:

    set $yellow            #e2e88e

    so you can use $yellow where ever you want yellow ;)

    • configuration for i3status must be: ~/.config/i3status/config
    • configurations for i3blocks: ~/.config/i3/i3blocks.conf

    both are started within the bar snipped and are providing what is shown onto the bar, but only one can be choosen for that purpose.

  • I’m another very happy i3 user (but only on my laptop - i use KDE with all bells and whistles on powerful desktop machine). It boots real quick, uses less than 200MB of RAM at boot, and is easily tweakable using simple text files.

    For all new i3 users I highly recommend watching this excellent three part video for basic i3 tweaks - it’s a few years old but still very relevant and useful.

    I use i3blocks too, and have tweaked my configs to include emoticons - for example here’s my rofi (i normally have the top bar hidden, and only shows when i press my mod key)


    showing is my rofi run menu - here i type in any program i want to run (hence the running man icon) and the TV-icon shows me all running windows (on all workspaces) that i can switch to.

    i haven’t finished tweaking yet - i don’t think you ever do with i3!

    i’ll post my configs if anybody is interested.

  • @joekamprad I’m getting there. The only blocks I can’t seem to fix are the openvpn and disk indicators. I had no openvpn script in the i3block-scripts folder and no vpn-block is defined in i3blocks.conf.
    So I grabbed one from https://github.com/vivien/i3blocks-contrib/tree/master/openvpn. I put it in /usr/lib/i3blocks and executed “sudo chmod +x /usr/lib/i3blocks/openvpn” (I don’t even know whether that was necessary). Then I tried defining the block in i3blocks.conf. Anyway, no success.
    The disk indicator thinks I have 20GB (the whole partition) of free space on /home/ when in fact it is only 7GB.

    @mickey-megabyte I’m also quite excited to use i3. Although this feels like the home stretch after a lot of head-scratching. Thanks for the videos by the way. I had already come across them, watched the first and half of the second part and then forgot about them :)

    As always all help is appreciated.
    Have a nice day/night.

  • order += "disk /home"

    inside config of i3status

    @mikesch said in i3-gaps:

    The disk indicator thinks I have 20GB (the whole partition) of free space on /home/ when in fact it is only 7GB

  • @joekamprad Wait, I thought I had to choose between i3status and i3blocks. "order += “disk /home” is set in i3status.conf, but unless I misunderstood that doesn’t matter when “status_command i3blocks -c ~/.config/i3/i3blocks.conf” is set in ~/.config/i3/config. Am I missing something?

  • @mikesch @joekamprad Wait, I thought I had to choose between i3status and i3blocks. "order += “disk /home” is set in i3status.conf, but unless I misunderstood that doesn’t matter when “status_command i3blocks -c ~/.config/i3/i3blocks.conf” is set in ~/.config/i3/config. Am I missing something?

    Edit: Never mind the disk indicator is working fine. I got confused because 20GB is exactly what I gave my root partition. Well, that only leaves the openvpn indicator. Do you have any i3blocks script or config I can use or otherwise any advice? Thank you.

    The spam filter doesn’t let me edit my posts by the way. Maybe one of my Firefox extensions is at fault. Oh well…

  • @mikesch said in i3-gaps:

    Wait, I thought I had to choose between i3status and i3blocks
    for i3bloks i use this:

    # Disk usage
    # The directory defaults to $HOME if the instance is not specified.
    # The script may be called with a optional argument to set the alert
    # (defaults to 10 for 10%).
  • Call me lazy if you want but i just run xfce4-panel inside i3-wm hehehehe. Anyway is nice to see some new configs to i3status and i3block.

    If some of you find a way to add a clickable menu (not jgmenu) in i3 i’d gladly test it and rethink about using other panels.

  • @fernandomaroto

    you do not like rofi and non-cascading menues?

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