• Kernel panic

    Well uhm… I have a dual boot computer (Antergos and Windows10).
    I thought I fixed everything and I think after an update (actually I don’t really know) the system doesn’t boot anymore
    I think it was saying something like:

    Kernel Panic - not syncing. No working init found
    //your code here
  • How do I fix this problem? I heard of something called chroot but I have no idea how to use it.

  • to fix kernel panic:

    after arch-chroot /mnt

    rebuild mkernel images first:
    mkinitcpio -p linux

    if you are using LTS:

    mkinitcpio -p linux-lts

  • OMG Thanks I thought I had to reinstall the os but now it is working.☺
    When I booted it it said something about couldn’t load kernel modules or something but it is working fine. (Maybe thats just because it is the first time booting or something)

  • Also this is topic number 10000

  • Congrats!
    You are just posting topic 💯 00
    You will get the lifetime issue support!😋

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