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@Krugar said

I also look forward to contribute to the Antergos development in the future in any way I can.

+1 :thumbsup:

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Am I the only one trying youtube TV with chrome from the AUR?

Here’s an update to this post in case anyone comes here on linux looking for more info. I canceled and would not recommend it (for now.) I sent a bunch of feedback that (apparently) was never responded to – which is fairly typical from Google. I think it’s cool we get a linux TV service choice at all (compared with Hulu and Sling) but again the issues I’ve stated above never went away after several chrome and mesa updates. I was happy to get rid of chrome as well. Too much strange network activity for me – even compared with the alternative: chromium. Maybe !rms was right after all.

I might have to go with plan B: a tv tuner for free OTA. Stay tuned.:slight_smile:

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@joekamprad said in Show your desktop:

@Serense where do you find arc-grey-dark theme?

Arc Grey

Old theme and doesn´t work with Gnome shell anymore right, but in Deepin… perfection.

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USB-C Cable Options & Adapter


I am hoping this is a good community to ask.

I am looking for two things.

A USB Type A to Type C cable. Sleeved. Not sure of the size but probably around 6". An adapter. One that can take that USB Type C connection and turn it into, Type A, Micro and Mini USB and any other USB types of connections.

The idea is to have one really good cable that is as new as possible (Type C) and then use a single adapter that allows me to use that one cable with all my devices that have different USB connections.

So the question is what is the best USB cable out there that I can get and the best adapter? I remember reading that many were causing issues with devices or worse. I’m also not sure how the power and data works with this stuff. For example I have a USB-C port on my laptop which is also Thunderbolt 3. I want to make sure that is supported with the cable.

If you are wondering the idea behind this is to get rid of 4 different USB cables (micro, mini, whatever the other ones are called) and have a nice single cable do it all (with a single adapter of course).

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