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Hello and thank you!

Hello Antergos 2019 for everyone! d-_-b

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Arch commands

@ringo32 You are right, two weeks ago I used Firefox 64 bit snap version and it froze my Ubuntu 14.04 so that nothing worked. Not the mouse or keyboard and not even the reset button.

Had to pull the plug and switch on again.

I will move onto Debian next, it’s just a shame their Firefox ESR is so buggy. At least Chromium and the OS itself works fine.

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A place for true innovation. Share your own created utilities with the Antergos community.
Eat logs!

Thanks for the heads up! Fixed in in the first post.

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Post your screenshots. Contribute or share new logos, icons, themes, wallpapers and other artwork here.
Show your desktop

so tint2 next on my list ;)

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What are you listening to?

Steven Wilson the whole discography.

On Monday he’s gonna have a gig in Helsinki.

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