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Hello Antergosians


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Speck Modules in the Kernel

It doesn’t appear when running lsmod on the 4.18.1 kernel that I got updated to today. If there’s a better way to check for it, please let me know and I’ll look. This something we all need to know.

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PORTERGOS (Portable Antergos) - Offline/Online installer UNOFFICIAL


From what I saw of it, it’s not so bad. Like I said, he’d never seen one before and it forced him to actually learn something – during the summer, no less! Poor kid. Hehehe.

Hehehe, that’s all about learning stuff

I’m out of luck here… I managed to install Portergos in my old P4, but i need the driver xf86-video-savage, and can’t compile it from AUR…

The iso boots with graphical interface, but after install the system can’t load login manager nor startx

That’s bad, i made the 32 bits iso for this machine and i can’t get it to work fine…

But i’m lernaing some stuff at least

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Show your desktop

Changed my i3-thinkpad setup, change to i3blocks to add a rofi power down menu and app-starter:

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Summer-Time 2018

So, my holiday this year already remain just a wallpaper.

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