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@taskmaster07 welcome here at the community around !

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The best productivity tool you'll ever have

Oooh… installing now


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antergos :rescue the antergos swiss-knive live-iso
hardware info program does not show RAM size, only shows this: “memory: Main Memory”; I know it’s not your program but inxi show the important stuff and works can’t you put programs on menus on alphabetical order? it would be simpler to find something, because I see “Add/Remove Software” as the second from bottom, and it should be the first Deepin File Manager (Root) does not work: "failed to execute coommand “dde-file-manager-pkexec” (No such file or directory) on boot from usb, choose “memtest”: file not found also on boot, if you choose another language, like Portuguese, there are still a few words that are not correcly translated, “Start Antergos:Rescue” should be “Iniciar Antergos:Rescue” on boot, option for “Boot from Hard Disk” does not work, reboots to Antergos:Rescue

Anyway, that is it for today. My Toshiba is using 26% of memory, 197 processes, it looks just an regular Antergos running smooth as always. I’ve done a few things like suspend and open almost every program, so it looks almost everything is running great.

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Show your desktop

After switch to i3 caused by totally annoyed by moving windows I can’t handle any others anymore
And on setup you can benefit from a lot documentations from others (like mine is available on GitHub) and video tutorials.
But it would nice to have a Gui tool to set-up!

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the danger of facebook

@casquinhasjr said in the danger of facebook:

@earthmind said in the danger of facebook:

So I don’t think Facebook deserves all that thrashtalk

I agree with you. But try to talk to someone about that and say Google does it. They will not understand. Now, say Facebook and people seem to understand part of the problem.

That’s true, also in general, people have more feeling about Facebook doing something wrong than Google, because with Facebook they’re sharing their lives and private communication

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