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Hello community

@troposphere Welcome to the community! And greetings from Poland! It’s 20 degrees warmer here.

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Vivaldi Browse sync is coming!

I thought “why do I need this?” until I installed vivaldi on my windows partition!

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A place for true innovation. Share your own created utilities with the Antergos community.
antergos :rescue the antergos swiss-knive live-iso

@joekamprad said in antergos :rescue the antergos swiss-knive live-iso:


is not working th my customizations, it is only to get this onto original archiso…

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antech wallpapers

UPDATED: Added more colors, 5 to choose from


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Yet another Linux game is here

@keegan said in Yet another Linux game is here:

But please, feel no pressure whatsoever.

It looks like a great idea. However, if it comes to “One more cheese”, and similar stuff at all, Linux seems to be even more niche platform than usually. E.g. today’s usage logs (since 4 am), which the game stores while starting: Android 167 launches, Windows 4, Linux 0.

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