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Which Music Player is it worth testing?

You all are kidding, aren’t you?!! Off course,

CANTATA (the mpd client).

It’s head and shoulders above all the rest, in fact, sorry folks, all the others are jokes!

Lollypop, a seemingly new player, looks somewhat promising though I haven’t tried it. Babe-qt looks promising too but seems to be in danger of tight KDE integration in the future.

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What's the point about the wiki?

You’ve both made good points.

Since the information I can provide is the only information that is missing from the Arch Wiki, I’d rather do it there. I don’t have too many antergos-specific stuff installed anyway. The hardware support is provided by software that is maintained by Arch people, as I understand correctly.

I’m talking for example about the Lenovo laptops that we use at work. They are new models, not mentioned at: So I’d be glad to test Antergos on these and provide input on the wiki. If the Antergos wiki had such a page, I’d be glad to contribute it, but rather not start it from scratch in this case. I’m not a good wiki layouter (or in general) anyway.

I will however contribute new content to the Antergos wiki. I have some ideas already.

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@blinky PROST!

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What are you listening to?

Brian Eno & David Byrne: My Life on the Bush of Ghosts

One of the best…😎

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