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vivaldi browser 2 is out - beta testing here

The solution you gave me didn’t work on the long run, (I use Youtube and TED videos a lot for my work) but I broke my system with tinkering and put back a Timeshift snapshot from before the Vivaldi update, updated the system and Vivaldi performs without problems.

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Discuss antergos code here.
New solution for optimus Better than bumblebee

I tried it on an old Intel/Nvidia laptop that has a quite old discretenvidia card (330m).
It didn’t work, but the reason (afaik) is the card is too old to have any working nvidia driver.
So I’ll keep using the Intel card on it…

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Issues regarding the forums
Can't login to account

how complicated it is!

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No decsciption available
Solutions to some common problems

@robgriff444 said in Solutions to some common problems:

Excellent @manuel

I had a thought that might be useful like this: a pinned topic for new users with current known problems - for example choosing CD/DVD instead of USB during install, and it could simply be descriptions with links to posts with solutions so it’s easy to read. I’ve never seen any distro do this and I’ve always thought it would be useful. Any of us could add to it as time rolls on, but it needs to be pinned or where it can’t be missed - is this possible?

What do you all think of this?

There is already a structure for this :
And antergos alert system showing up over update system…

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