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vivaldi browser 2 is out - beta testing here

@zoli62 vivaldi is not available as a package from Antergos Repository anymore. May i will provide it in the future onto unofficial repo.

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Discuss antergos code here.
Potentially outdated packages specific to Antergos

@waddon1 i think it was way back on some stability or on some packages they use mate in there own repo… for now is a bit :)

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Issues regarding the forums

@lots-0-logs @karasu @developers
I like Linux because i can choose what i want and i learn something new every day. I’ve tried almost every top distro out there and Antergos is my main system. I don’t care where it falls on the distro list i care about how it works. I believe in the rolling release model and after stumbling onto Antergos i will never look back. It is “Always Fresh” “Never Frozen”
Antergos is for everyone!
The developers have done an awesome job. Everyone here is very helpful and i appreciate it. Keep up the great work. You people rock!

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No decsciption available
Solutions to some common problems

Added a workaround for the case when installer does not find some packages.
This problem may happen e.g. when Arch devs move an official package to AUR.

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