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ATTN: Deprecation of ABS tool and rsync endpoint

Due to high maintenance cost of scripts related to the Arch Build System, we have decided to deprecate the abs tool and thus rsync as a way of obtaining PKGBUILDs.

The asp tool, available in [extra], provides similar functionality to abs. asp export pkgname can be used as direct alternative; more information about its usage can be found in the documentation. Additionally Subversion sparse checkouts, as described here, can be used to achieve a similar effect. For fetching all PKGBUILDs, the best way is cloning the svntogit mirrors.

While the extra/abs package has been already dropped, the rsync endpoint (rsync://rsync.archlinux.org/abs) will be disabled by the end of the month.

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Dual Boot Option In Cnchi

Hi again!

So I just had an idea! (Which I guess is already kind of obvious since I am posting again:grinning:)

Since internet is already needed to install within Cnchi, what if when one got to the “Where to install” option, a link to a page with instructions such as this one was provided so that users could have a built in guide:slight_smile:

That way they wouldn’t have to scour the internet or anything.

It’s just an idea, but it sure seems like an easier work around than anything else I can think of (says the non-coder:grinning:)

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No decsciption available
Website down already several days

@Ninpo , after all, you managed to survive! No fears then!
Welcome to Antergos!!!

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