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ISO Refresh: antergos 17.7

@yamon123 said in ISO Refresh: antergos 17.7:

I found that os-prober works as it should when the partitions on which other operating systems are installed are mounted. So manually mount partitions before running os-prober.

tested and yes it works, fast and without any other problem!

Would be interesting if this is caused by a change on os-prober?

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An improved GNOME desktop setup

I saw this inside your video, when you put your cursor on the icons from the dock this window comes in the foreground.

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Issues regarding the forums
New Forum Category

Can do!:grinning:… I think

Would be good to have a new user say hello there…

So are you asking me to say something about being a new user and loving Antergos and all that? I’ve already had my welcoming committee, but if you think I should do it again, I can. I’m just a little confused here…

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No decsciption available
Antergos - This site has been blocked by your ISP.

Got it :slight_smile:
Kudos for the idea!
#EU is up with the #DigitalEurope project, no one knows what that really is.
But being #Juncker @ #Luxleaks the President of the EU Commission
Citizens have all to fear and corporate lobbies may now be queuing up at his door’s home
0_1499870417625_Screenshot from 2017-07-12 14-39-21.png

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