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New solution for optimus Better than bumblebee

I tried it on an old Intel/Nvidia laptop that has a quite old discretenvidia card (330m).
It didn’t work, but the reason (afaik) is the card is too old to have any working nvidia driver.
So I’ll keep using the Intel card on it…

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Issues regarding the forums
Login in issue

@joekamprad said in Login in issue:

@developers ??

@Gigamax2 have you tried to use registrated emailadress instead of usename?

To me is happening the same, but only when I enter with that shown login. If I stop the webpage before the login redirection in this one I can login, but I have to be fast to stop the redirection.

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No decsciption available
Why Antergos instead of Arch || Manjaro

@andreasdimo79 the idea behind meta packages is the ease to install another DE after initial install to change DE.

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