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MATE 1.18 Now Available

@megaman I replace Marco by Compiz, to avoid screen tearing with default Mate’s window manager.

compiz --replace

A zillion of fancy screen effects is good too.



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Issues regarding the forums
[FYI] about page may have an error?

ok found a forum post on Akismet but does not detail if its a newbie to forum issue

Hey that worked so I looks like a min number of posts to link

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No decsciption available
Why do you use Antergos?

@karasu thanks for the reply. I totally understand what you mean about the headaches. I think I’m also just trying to try every Arch/fork OS that I can. Loved Manjaro; can’t get Apricity working, and I have yet to hear a bad thing about Antergos. So I think I’m going to see how we do.

Great community here though for sure!

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