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Numerous Announcements For Deepin And Budgie

@karasu said in Numerous Announcements For Deepin And Budgie:

Even you don’t have permissions, you can always create a pull request

hehehe… thank you for reminding me about that:smile:. I had somenow forgotten about pull requests!

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AntergosPrime - Brings Optimus/ Prime functionality to Antergos

@karasu Thank you very much!
Hope this works for other people as well as it works for me :D

Now we need people with Hybrid-GPUs to test it :D

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Issues regarding the forums
Change topic category

My fault. I now realize that I can flag a post. Instead, I was looking for a way to flag the whole topic. Anyway, Instead of only Spam and Offensive options, there might be another entry Change category and then, select to which you believe is appropriate. Then a moderator can easily determine if the report is right or not.

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No decsciption available
Vivaldi 1.12

@joekamprad said in Vivaldi 1.12:

Build 7255 for vivaldi 1.12.955.36-1 was successful.

Yay! I just updated:grinning:.

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