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HBO (Nordic in my case) won't run on any linux system?

Just try use Google Chrome not Chromium and HBO should work perfectly.

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Antergos style DE installation from already installed system

@joekamprad Awesome! Thanks for the info. I will test some of the official DE’s meta packages.

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Issues regarding the forums
Forum display issue - SOLVED

@joekamprad said in Forum display issue - SOLVED:

only way is to workaround and change it after posting

This resolves the issue, too, and I should have found it on my own. :) Thanks!

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No decsciption available
your favorite apps that people might not know about.

Carla is an “old chap” Linuxer publisher
Though slightly of topic, this article of her about “linux terminals” may be worth a look at.
5 Coolest Linux Terminal Emulators

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