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"Oh no! Something has gone wrong" Error With Latest ISO Image

@oguzk please, do not necro bump an old thread:


As @anarch said, this thread is too old to be relevant to your error. Open a new thread.


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Issues regarding the forums
Antergos IRC and telegram bridge

Why not Matrix / Riot instead of Telegram? It can also bridged to IRC (it is already) and a Matrix user can be blocked from IRC.

There is an Antergos room on the Matrix network.:


Link for possible clients:


Join room using the Riot.im web client.


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Discuss antergos code here.
Ideas for GSoC projects
Ideas for GSoC projects Create a GUI for nvidia-installer Fix ZFS installation and finish zfs installation screen Remendo 6dots (fix a11y in Cnchi and live cd) Fix installer for laptops (tlp, …) Add NFS option to Cnchi

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No decsciption available
Vivaldi 1.7 in the Antergos repo?

@Jeannie____ said in Vivaldi 1.7 in the Antergos repo?:

It looks good? To me it looks ugly and incomplete, it doesn’t evenhave a proper menu bar.

Do you even take a look to it or is it more your anti GTK-GNOME affected behavior?
This is not constructive anyway…

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