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Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
Antefree Gnome

@JPL said in Antefree Gnome:

I think I got it, and now I understand more of how pacman’s remove options work.

That’s good.

The one thing remaining from Antergos seems to be my /etc/os-release and /etc/issue files, identifying the system as Antergos…

(A side note: /etc/os-release is a softlink, not a real file; it points to real file /usr/lib/os-release)

Both os-release and issue files may be modified by a user, obviously, with caution. It’s what we’re doing installing native Arch. For example, mine are modified in such a way that they report AnteFree Gnome instead of default Antergos Linux:

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Issues related to the KDE Plasma desktop.
Antefree Plasma

@XoseM No, notification icon you’re asking about is not a part of yay or yaourt. It is part of Pamac. Pamac is graphical package manager, developed by Manjaro.

Pamac offers about 10% of functionality, included in native Arch package manager pacman. But Pamac is so handy and easy to use, that it is included in all Arch-based distros nowdays.

Pamac from Antergos repo has been uninstalled. That is why its icon has gone. To get the icon back again, install Pamac from another source (repo).

For Arch-Plasma I’d suggest to install Pamac from Bluestar repo. Bluestar ships Arch Plasma only. In about 8 years of development Bluestar has reached near-to-perfection state. Pamac from Bluestar is as beautiful in Arch Plasma as native Kde apps.

Do not install neither pamac nor pamac-classic packages from AUR.

Look for and install 4 (four) packages:

pamac (package manager itself) pamac-tray-indicator (provides notification icon in Kde) two more packages with nocsd qualifier in their names (remove CSD for 32- and 64-bit Gtk-apps in Kde)

nocsd stands for No Client Side Decorations. CSD are awful window borders around Gtk apps in Kde.

Can’t provide more clear indications. I’m in vacation = without computers, without Internet, without Arch. I’ve described how to add Bluestar repo earlier. Search for it in the forum. It’s among the recent posts.

Good luck

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Issues related to the Cinnamon desktop.
Antefree Cinnamon

@RvstFyth Thank you!

@roger64 If you still have problems with Dropbox, I’d suggest to add Bluestar Linux repos to your system. Bluestar repo is a fantastic one every Arch system should have : . It has dropbox package.

Place Bluestar repos at the very bottom of the /etc/pacman.conf file (i.e., at the lowest priority). Repos aren’t signed, so no keys are needed to use them. Add to pacman.conf:

#==2019.07.24 #--just borrowed from #--Bluestar 2019.06 #-- [bluestar-override] SigLevel = Never TrustAll Server =$arch #-- [bluestar] SigLevel = Optional TrustAll Server =$arch #-- #==

Force repos update, so pacman sees newly added repos:

sudo pacman -Syy

Install Dropbox from Bluestar:

sudo pacman -S bluestar/dropbox


yay -S bluestar/dropbox


Bluestar offers Kde only. Its packages are mostly tailored for this DE. Don’t know, how bluestar/dropbox will behave in other DEs.

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Issues related to the MATE desktop.
Antefree Mate

I can’t help with Grub2-related things. I don’t use it, never install it, remove it immediately if it cannot be disabled at installation time.

Good luck

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Issues related to the Xfce desktop.
Final Update

@Gotit Please, read this brief overview of the situation with “final upgrade”. The post is 11 days old.

It responds to the question in OP.

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Issues related to the Openbox window manager.
Battery display

@joekamprad Couldn’t agree more. :)

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Issues related to the LXQt desktop.
Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
Compress / extract here not working in context menu

@joekamprad said in Compress / extract here not working in context menu:

@alex27riva is file-roller installed?

No, installed and now works!

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