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Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
Hard Drive wakes from standby when anything is mounted on USB.

I’ve got my OS installed on a 120 GB SSD which then has a limited but usable amount of storage space. All my other data is on a 1 TB hard drive that’s quite noisy when mounted, so in Disks/Drive Settings I’ve set the hard drive to go into standby/spin down after 5 minutes of non-use. This works well for me as I don’t need to access the hard drive much and it gives me a virtually silent PC.

My problem is that whenever I mount a USB stick or memory card it wakes up the hard drive.

Anyone got any ideas why this might be or how to stop it happening?

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Issues related to the KDE Plasma desktop.
Install Plasma 5

antergos-kde-meta works great, but be aware of this: It’s only gonna help you to install the packages. They won’t be uninstalled when you remove antergos-kde-meta. Thus it’s a good idea to take note of all the packages installed. Otherwise it can be quite a pain in the ass to remove kde from your system in the future.

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Issues related to the Cinnamon desktop.

@just Muchas gracias, muy clara tu respuesta. Todavía no tengo esas habilidades.

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Issues related to the MATE desktop.
Desktop and Caja not working anymore

@retronostalgia said in Desktop and Caja not working anymore:

When updating packages today it looked like a bunch of MATE packages (though not any of the Antergos caja- ones?) got updated. I removed the libexempi symlink workaround, updated, rebooted, and everything looks fine - it seems like the workaround is no longer needed.

Anyway, glad this issue seems to be fixed!

I wonder how you actually removed your symlink!? After reading your comment today I unlinked my symlink like this:

sudo unlink /usr/lib/

and had the same blank desktop issue with Caja again. My system is up to date.
Cause I am new to Antergos I wonder if I did something wrong?


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Issues related to the Xfce desktop.
in XFCE, install ring-daemon-git, ring-gnome-git or ring-kde-git

@joekamprad Thanks, joekamprad. I thought XFCE had some connection to one or the other (gnome or kde), but I couldn’t remember which.

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Issues related to the Openbox window manager.
sistem setting not run on fresh install of antergos openbox

Thanks @joekamprad!
I really like using lightwight wms and openbox is mostly my choice for the past 2 years. Its easy to use my config on different machines and OSs thats really comfortable :).

Dunno how the current status of openbox integration in Antergos looks like but I can provide some of my scripts and tweaks. E.g. for politely closing windows when session is closed. Think I will inspect the meta port soon but I dont like some preinstalled features like plank ;).

Greetz from Hannover

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Issues related to the LXQt desktop.
Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
Update on antergos-common-meta 1.5-1 have weird result

I’ve made a second attempt:
-Font is still weird and after I select another one nothing seems to happen on deeping application (File Manager, etc) and only on gtk applications;
-Changing the icon pack is now present but has no effect at all on the toolbar and only only (again) on gnome applications like evolution;

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