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Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
NEMO as Gnome Desktop Icons, but missing desktop context menus...

Ok both those are decent options, I didn’t even realise it was all hidden under customize to start with, lol. Thanks.

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Issues related to the KDE Plasma desktop.
How to convert back to a previous installed package?

@fhins My bad :) sorry :)

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Issues related to the Cinnamon desktop.
How to move Grouped Window List applet to left of panel?

@sora Hurray, it works.

For other users wanting to do the same thing, please note that you have to drag the icon to the correct position; otherwise, the icon will spring back to the original position.

In my case, I have the Start Menu on the extreme left, followed by several Pinned icons. When I dragged the Grouped Window List and dropped it just to the right of the Pinned icons, it sprang back to its original position, on the right side of the panel. But when I dropped it over the Pinned icons, the Grouped Window List settled on the left panel, next to the Pinned icons.

@sora Thank you for your instructions. Happy New Year!

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Issues related to the MATE desktop.
Desktop and Caja not working anymore

@retronostalgia I also have a test system for exactly these purposes, so I’ll try out what happens to Caja after the update without using the workaround.

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Issues related to the Xfce desktop.
Turn off hibernate/standby completely

Can’t wait the results … ;)

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Issues related to the Openbox window manager.
sistem setting not run on fresh install of antergos openbox

Thanks @joekamprad!
I really like using lightwight wms and openbox is mostly my choice for the past 2 years. Its easy to use my config on different machines and OSs thats really comfortable :).

Dunno how the current status of openbox integration in Antergos looks like but I can provide some of my scripts and tweaks. E.g. for politely closing windows when session is closed. Think I will inspect the meta port soon but I dont like some preinstalled features like plank ;).

Greetz from Hannover

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Issues related to the LXQt desktop.
Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
Low volume with Soundwire on Deepin

Soundwire is a program that let you stream through wifi what you hear on your pc to your android device (I use it to listen to the music I have on my pc when I’m not in my room).
I’ve been using it since forever without any problem, but on Deepin the volume that it streams to the phone is extremely low.

The system volume is set to 100% and Soundwire is running fine.

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