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Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
Gnome keeps crashing with constant uptime?

I’m just like you now I can not work at all I tried to fix it but could not.

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Issues related to the KDE Plasma desktop.
Dolphin Servicemenus

@Wykedengel said in Dolphin Servicemenus:

Dolphin’s servicemenus stored

As far as i know this is done by .desktop files?

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Issues related to the Cinnamon desktop.
Scaling dual monitors

This site has been super helpful for me with regard to xrandr and scaling:

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Issues related to the MATE desktop.
Recommendations for a window manager?

Mate-Compiz forever!

Compton with Mate seeems to be rather unusual combination.

However, Marco is not that laggy here. I’m not a big gamer, and under normal circumstances some screen tearing is noticed only when a window is moved or resized very fastly.

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Issues related to the Xfce desktop.
"USB Rubber Ducky" only writing lowercase

OK. Sorry but I have no ideas for now, but as you said it works on TTY then it sounds like some kind of X setting related problem. I’ll try to dig something more.

EDIT: maybe an X configuration file could help?

EDIT2: found this article:
and from it there’s a link to

Maybe evtest package could help you find the key codes the rubber kb is sending?

If these don’t help, then sorry, I’m out of ideas…

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Issues related to the Openbox window manager.
no keyboard in openbox

What I found is that one wireless mouse I have somehow causes the keyboard to not work when I log into the Openbox session. The same mouse causes the same problem in Openbox in Debian Stretch (on a different computer). I can actually plug in a different mouse, log out of Openbox, log back into Openbox, and then the keyboard works fine. Also, once I’ve logged back in with the second mouse, I can switch back to the first mouse and the keyboard works for the rest of that session. Thanks to all who tried to help.

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Issues related to the LXQt desktop.
Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
inode/directory doesn't open the file manager! (quick fix included)

Thanks for sharing! :)

I just noticed having the same binding wrong in Xfce (but this is over a year old installation so I may have messed it myself…).

In a new (ISO 2017-12) Xfce installation it is correctly bound to Thunar-folder-handler.desktop.

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