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Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
Intel Video acceleration

Hi there,

You can have a look at this page: They suggest ‘mpv’ tool for testing and some useful info for configuration.

I have never tried openshot. But, I have experienced quite some difference between mplayer and vlc especially on older hardware. (Who knows why?) Sticking to mplayer ever since.


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Issues related to the KDE Plasma desktop.
Escritorios compatibles

Gracias por responder. Veo al escritorio LXQt como un buen “complemento” a Plasma KDE; resuelve el problema de tearing Kwin-Nvidia y, al ser Widget toolkit:Qt5 y Display manager:SDDM los dos, parecen convivir sin problemas. Puedes usar las numerosas aplicaciones de KDE sin problemas en LXQt. (No mezclas aplicaciones GTK+2/3 que podrían dar problemas).

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Issues related to the Cinnamon desktop.
Docked Monitor problem

It seems I fixed it installing displaylink driver from AUR (Not sure if this is the best fix, but the problem did not occur anymore, so far).

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Issues related to the MATE desktop.
Firefox dropdown and dialog box issues

Thank you @guppy for the solution, i’ve found the real explanation:

I’ve installed AGOS yesterday and i’ve found the mate application font “Sans Regular” was set to 0 size !
Set this to 10 solve the problem with firefox, enjoy and thanks !

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Issues related to the Xfce desktop.
Get the Antergos XFCE look when installing as an additional DE?

The simple answer is that there is no ‘xfce4-antergos-setup’. when you install Xfce4 through your terminal or pamac you will get the default Arch set-up. After that you will have to tweak the desktop yourself: theme fonts, icons, panel and all. But that is the fun part.

When you boot into Xfce4 for the first time, you can choose for the default layout. This will give you a top panel and a application panel at the bottom. After that go to settings - appearance and choose your theme and icons.

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Issues related to the Openbox window manager.
Openbox shutdown button not working

@fernandomaroto ya i did check out that file and the command is correct. i wonder if a theme is making it act weird?

im gonna try a few different things see if it helps. just wanted to make sure no one else was having same issue.

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Issues related to the LXQt desktop.
LXQT desde Cnchi

Aunque el hilo tiene ya 2 años el asunto es exactamente el mismo y nada parece haber cambiado por lo que me he permitido reabrirlo.
Sólo quería solicitar, si ello es posible, que incluyeran entre las opciones de instalación de Antergos una con escritorio LXQt las razones es que es ligero, consumo de ram mínimo, estable, bonito, Widget toolkit: Qt 5 y Display manager: SDDM como KDE Plasma pero sin los problemas de tearing de Kwin con algunas tarjetas gráficas Nvidia.

Como simple sugerencias aporto esta información:

LxQt instalación:
sudo pacman -S lxqt-common

sudo pacman -S lxqt-panel (dependencias desde Pamac)
pcmanfm-qt Administrador de archivos
lximage-qt Visor de imágenes
xscreensaver Salvapantallas

Programas ( en general todos los de KDE Plasma parecen funcionar bien):
cantata music player daemon
Xarchiver Es una interfaz de archivo independiente del entorno de escritorio. Los paquetes RPM y DEB se manejan sin que se instalen sus gestores de paquetes. (GTK+)
kcal (de KDE)
transmission-qt Cliente torrent
hexchat IRC (Chat) cliente
partitionmanager (KDE) o Gparted Particiones

exec startlxqt


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