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Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
Gufw won't start - been like this for months

I tried, ARC and Numix Frost - not working.

Interesting thing is - when I try from a virtual machine, using VirtualBox, Antergos Mate has the same issue.

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Issues related to the KDE Plasma desktop.
Completly remove KDE

@Ed80 said

I read the Archwiki and installed plasma-meta and kde-applications-meta.

A little OFF TOPIC but might be useful for other readers of this. To easily install/uninstall KDE desktop there s the antergos-kde-setup in the Antergos repo. So, you simply install or uninstall this single package, together with the Antergos configuration of it.

@Ed80 said

I definitely don’t like this DE

If I may, what didn t you like about it? If it is its looks (Windowsish but so is Cinnanon), KDE is extremely configurable (here s mine). -:)

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Issues related to the Cinnamon desktop.
Transparent Panel

Although not perfect. I did find the Extension “Transparent Panels” and that seems to work.

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Issues related to the MATE desktop.
QT5 Config broke on fresh install of MATE

@fernandomaroto Ok. Thanks for taking the time to help and staying with me.

I guess at worst I can just use XFCE or Gnome where I don’t get the error.

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Issues related to the Xfce desktop.
Can't run Python scripts from Thunar

Hi guys,
hope my issue is not totally displaced here. No matter what I try, I can’t execute a Python script by double clicking on it in Thunar (xfce). The scripts have the right shebang (#!/usr/bin/python2), I also tried #!/usr/bin/env python2. The scripts are executable. When I double click, nothing at all happens. When I say “Open with Terminal” the mouse pointer indicates it’s working but after a while it stops, without the Terminal having opened.
Anybody any idea?

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Issues related to the Openbox window manager.
Openbox shutdown button not working

@fernandomaroto ya i did check out that file and the command is correct. i wonder if a theme is making it act weird?

im gonna try a few different things see if it helps. just wanted to make sure no one else was having same issue.

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Issues related to the LXQt desktop.
Wallpaper won't cover full screen

I used the default lxqt desktop settings to set the background image and set it to stretch I tried every setting including tiling and it still didn’t fill the entire screen. It’s on actual hardware not vm.

I did see a bug for it on the vm side when I checked the bug reports but didn’t really see much on the physical hardware side. The reason I’m having this bug is because I’m hooking it into a TV and by default the wm tries to auto-set the resolution. In this case it set it to 800x600 which looks bad on a big screen.

I tried setting it to a different resolution and it set everything but the wallpaper didn’t scale up with everything else. I’ve tried the same under openbox and no issue it seems to be a lxqt issue. I have tried kwin as well and it didn’t fix the issue.

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