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Issues related to the GNOME desktop.
WIFI symbol ?

If I run the Network-Manager app “nm-applet” normally it works and shows up as a normal wifi icon. This must be a gnome issue.

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Issues related to the KDE Plasma desktop.
Cannot install Kuser

Returning a bit back…

@Zoidmo said in Cannot install Kuser:

I too tried to install it, and it was only in the AUR, but that did not work and the “Make” opperation was aborted.

You’re right, a direct Kuser installation presents the problem you’re talking about. But there’s a workaround to get it installed.

First, install kdesignerplugin from extra:

sudo pacman -Syu extra/kdesignerplugin

Then, install kuser-frameworks from AUR:

yaourt -S kuser-frameworks


Kuser in Antergos

The topic could be really considered as Solved now :) .

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Issues related to the Cinnamon desktop.
Gnome-Terminal and GParted won't start

All done. Helped for me installing package “mintlocale”, where I changed russian region to english, bcs this locale isn’t installed.

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Issues related to the MATE desktop.
xboard bug (with gnuchess)

Nice to hear!

As I said, the issue is probably related to version mismatch between gnuchess and xboard. Arch repos have gnuchess-6.2.5 and xboard-4.9.1. They are the same as the latest versions provided by the projects.

So, either gnuchess changed its interface or xboard development fell behind of gnuchess development.

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Issues related to the Xfce desktop.
How to unlock files on CD-ROM

Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like the files on my harddrive are now unlocked. Nevertheless wenn trying to execute the .exe with WINE I get the same kind of error message as before:

“To install the software, you must be logged on to an administrator account. Click [OK] and remove the CD-ROM to abort the installation. After aborting the installation, log on as an administrator account, then insert the CD-ROM again.”

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Issues related to the Openbox window manager.
It's quiet in OB land...

@gagarin Hope it fixes the tearing for you. I’m still really enjoying OB as well.

I got the Spotify client to work - it’s now showing up in the pavucontrol under Playback/applications. I added Spotify to my ~/.config/openbox/autostart script, rebooted, and Spotify popped up on boot and showed up in pavucontrol. I removed it from my autostart script, rebooted, and now it’s showing up in pavucontrol. I wonder if starting Spotify from terminal would have had the same effect, or if this is a random hiccup?

I still cannot access my account details, but more importantly, I’m now able to get into settings and logout with keyboard shortcuts. I’m paying for Premium and modifying the settings was important to turn on higher bitrate streaming and turning off track volume normalization. I can still access my account settings on my Gnome desktop, so no big deal.

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Issues related to the LXQt desktop.
LXQT desde Cnchi

Aunque el hilo tiene ya 2 años el asunto es exactamente el mismo y nada parece haber cambiado por lo que me he permitido reabrirlo.
Sólo quería solicitar, si ello es posible, que incluyeran entre las opciones de instalación de Antergos una con escritorio LXQt las razones es que es ligero, consumo de ram mínimo, estable, bonito, Widget toolkit: Qt 5 y Display manager: SDDM como KDE Plasma pero sin los problemas de tearing de Kwin (Wayland compositor) con algunas tarjetas gráficas Nvidia.

Como simple sugerencias aporto esta información:

LxQt instalación:
sudo pacman -S lxqt-common

sudo pacman -S lxqt-panel (dependencias desde Pamac)
pcmanfm-qt Administrador de archivos
lxqt-build-tools-git (AUR) o lxqt-build-tools
lximage-qt Visor de imágenes
qterminal Consola ( Funciona mejor aquí que Konsole)
juffed-qt5-git Editor de texto. AUR
xbindkeys Lauch shell commands under x. En consola

xscreensaver Salvapantallas

gpicview-gtk3 Visor de imágenes. Casi igual que lximage-qt - Sacar por consola: gpicview
adwaita-qt5 Menús oscuros (AUR)

cantata music player daemon
Xarchiver Es una interfaz de archivo independiente del entorno de escritorio. Los paquetes RPM y DEB se manejan sin que se instalen sus gestores de paquetes. (GTK+)
kcal (de KDE)
transmission-qt Cliente torrent
hexchat IRC (Chat) cliente
partitionmanager (KDE) o Gparted Particiones

exec startlxqt


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