Technical Issues and Assistance

Issues related to Antergos installation.
pcc parsing error while boot

It seems to be a problem from kernel 4.10 onward. As of today, Sept. 26, 2017, it hasn’t been solved. Only temporal workaround is to install linux-lts, which is 4.9.

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Beginners' subforum for general Antergos issues.
PGP signature error

@heap said in PGP signature error:

error: failed to prepare transaction (invalid or corrupted database)

If this do not help it might be an mirror issue also, try commenting the sourceforgemirror inside antergos-mirrorlist like this:

........ # Server =$repo/$arch #Server =$repo/$arch ..........

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Post your workstation, desktop, WM/DE issues and questions here.
DEEPIN [Antergos Community Edition]

Original source:

Many users now know Deepin Linux, thanks to all great work on the Distro and blogs who talks about it.

I think now it’s time to attract more and more users, and one key could be the opportunity of customize Deepin in all its components.
But how?
The main point is to provide instruments to develop custom plugin. Indipendent developers could spread Deepin by customizing it and create custom plugin, like the Weather plugin in the Control Center!
What is provided by Deepin? Not enough. The Developerpage on Deepin website is not the best starting point.

Due to Deepin-GALA link, I think Deepin Dev Team has to analyze Elementary Philosophy, starting from here:
This is the home every Dev dream: one single point to get instruments/documentation/examples and start developing its own App/Plugin!

For a Dev, start developing is really simple with the following page:
Another important point is design: an app could be useful, but also provide the best design available:

About this point, I think is important to note:

What Design Is Not
—- Avoid Configuration
—- First-Launch Experience: when a user first launches an app, they should be able to get down to business as quickly as possible. If configuration is not absolutely required for the first use, they should not be required to configure anything. If configuration is required, they should be presented with a clean and simple welcome screen within the app. Avoid separate configuration dialogs when launching. Normal Launch: When a user launches an app, they’re performing an explicit action and expecting a fast, oftentimes immediate response. You should focus on three key areas for app launching: speed, obviousness of what to do next, and state.

Last but not least: provide working examples. Here a series of example to get the Devs involvement easily! -->

So, please hurry up and take Developers advantages!

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Issues related to Audio/Video/Image playback/editing, and gaming.
L4D2 Linux - Pulseaudio / Alsa issues?

Found the solution (finally !!!))


Problem solved!


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Issues related to package upgrades. Also the place for discussion about pacman in general.
What happened to wine?

So downgrade to freetype 2.8 will be the easiest solution :-) If this do not brake anything else…

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Problems and questions concerning kernel and hardware support.
What is the best kernel? Geekbench 4 - benchmarks


No he probado otros kernels porque los desinstalo

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