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Issues related to Antergos installation.
Removing Antergos: can /etc/grub.d/10_antergos file be safely removed?

This is safe. After remove 10_antergos reinstall “grub” package and regenerate “grub.cfg”

Here is my script to migrate from Antergos to Arch Linux:

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Beginners' subforum for general Antergos issues.
backing up configs

Good-bye Antergos. It was nice knowing you.

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Post your workstation, desktop, WM/DE issues and questions here.
Antefree Gnome

@JPL said in Antefree Gnome:

I think I got it, and now I understand more of how pacman’s remove options work.

That’s good.

The one thing remaining from Antergos seems to be my /etc/os-release and /etc/issue files, identifying the system as Antergos…

(A side note: /etc/os-release is a softlink, not a real file; it points to real file /usr/lib/os-release)

Both os-release and issue files may be modified by a user, obviously, with caution. It’s what we’re doing installing native Arch. For example, mine are modified in such a way that they report AnteFree Gnome instead of default Antergos Linux:

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Issues related to Audio/Video/Image playback/editing, and gaming.
laptop for multimedia, light gaming

Take a look at this one. You can have it assembled any way you’d like depending on requirements, budget, etc. I can tell you that these computers are built to the highest standard and you can install most any GNU/Linux distribution you like.

I have two of these (one for me, one for my wife) and they are both excellent. I have the EndeavourOS operating system installed on both of ours and that too is excellent. But there are a myriad of GNU/Linux operating systems available and they cost nothing (except some time) to try so that you can see which one you like best.

Give ZaReason a call (1-510-868-5000) in the afternoon and ask for Nate; if he’s not there, ask for Jake. Either of them can answer any questions you may have.

By the way, regarding Photoshop, the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) does practically anything and everything that Photoshop does - and the GIMP costs nothing (like in Free of Charge!). You’ll find, if you investigate, that there is a Linux program equivalent for every Windows program and the Linux programs work at least as well but more often than not, even better than do the Windows ones. At least that has been my experience over 11 years.


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Issues related to package upgrades. Also the place for discussion about pacman in general.
Package update after stopping development of Antergos Linux.

Antergos has never shipped any of mentioned packages. They are all present in the standard, regular Arch repository. It is called [extra]:

firefox chromium (don’t confuse with chrome from google) libreoffice-fresh libreoffice-still

Even if Antergos will be closed, it won’t have any negative impact on the packages availability.

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Problems and questions concerning kernel and hardware support.
Matebook D Ryzen screen artifacts after update

My friend told me, it’s the same with the LTS Kernel, but i tried myself today and it seems that the distortions don’t appear with LTS.
I’m surfin arround for about 1 hour now without any issues.

@joekamprad thanks for the hint!

Will try the latest kernel update next (5.2.2 -> 5.2.4), maybe (hopefully) it was just a temporary bug and is solved in the meantime.

Edit: No, Kernel 5.2.4 did not solve it. Will stay on LTS for now and check the drivers …

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