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Broke Dual Boot System (Windows10 and Antergos)

@a4orce84 said in Broke Dual Boot System (Windows10 and Antergos):

¿Puedes decirme cómo obtener los nuevos UUID

$ lsblk -f

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Package Manager

with “do not show updates for Antergos Repo” means it only show updates for the AUR and also not for core and extra?

then t could be that it is simple disabled inside pamac:
0_1508437890647_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-10-19 20-30-36.png

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kernel linux-covolunablu-gaming

Hi mbalino,

sorry for the long reply, I had some login problems.

I explored a bit the linux-zen project and tried to get what the changes in the code are.
Going to the website I couldn’t even find a list of patchsets or a list of changes they made. Only thing I discovered is that the changes are all desktop focused to improve latency and general experience.
I didn’t do a performance comparison and to be honest the linux-zen project would probably win. They have years of experience and more manpower behind that I personally don’t have.
The only real reason why I would suggest my work over theirs is that mine is basically a stock kernel with configuration changes, especially now that BFQ is being integrated in the mainline code. This means that understanding what are you modifying is much easier to understand and the code is more protected by bugs.

By the way I just checked and the BFQ scheduler is not the default on the linux-zen project. Maybe I should maintain a different package in which I set the BFQ as default.
I want to state the what I think is the biggest improvement here is the BFQ disk scheduler, the other ones are just cherries on the top of the cake.

Probably the linux-zen is performing better, but it doesn’t have BFQ as a default (which I personally think is game changing).
The real improvements is that I can state the list of changes from mainline in a small description, while the linux-zen project doesn’t even provide one.


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There are not updates

@renzocaam said in There are not updates:

It worked, thank you!!!

Ok, you’re welcome! Just please mark the post as solved please!


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TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to: 0xb2

@mmartin20tw said in TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to: 0xb2:

/dev/sda2 1748719616 1937901255 189181640 90.2G Linux filesystem
/dev/sda3 1937901256 1953525134 15623879 7.5G Linux filesystem

this is your Antergos installation sda2 for root (/) and sda3 is your swap… so no extra boot partition and it is a folder inside root… /boot … as have not time to read all hat was postet here before at the moment … i ask do you already try to chroot into the installed Antergos and simple re build files for grub and reinstall it??? and it looks like you have two windows installations? and it is EFI system ? you are using grub to boot?

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