Technical Issues and Assistance

Issues related to Antergos installation.
kde wouldnt install

to get antergos style KDE install it should be sudo pacman -S antergos-kde-meta

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Beginners' subforum for general Antergos issues.
Reduce 60 second shutdown/restart option

I’m already done with the what I am doing for the session and just want to shutdown without the 60-second warning. Is there a way to reduce this timer to like 5 seconds?

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Post your workstation, desktop, WM/DE issues and questions here.
Black screen after running xinit

I actually don’t have any external screens…

I’ve also been looking through the official Tuxedo post-installation script (I’m on a Tuxedo laptop). There actually are some nvidia-related tasks in it, but unfortunately the script is only for the distros shipped with the laptop (Ubuntu, OpenSUSE etc.) but not for any Arch-based distribution…

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Issues related to Audio/Video/Image playback/editing, and gaming.
Best Approach to Multimedia Production in Antergos

KX tools will work fine on any DE
Alternative to using Cadence in KX would be QjackCtl, which would also be more at home on KDE, but never had any problems on GTK based distributions

If you need to use calls from a landline, modem with full V92 data/fax/voice can be recognised as a sound device in Linux - old pci modem with 2nd rj45 connector for telephone headset usually work well. Not tried any new USB devices

mix minus is easy in principle (caller must hear full mix, but minus their own voice)
But can be very difficult to implement reliably

There is a great Linux package I have been using for years for live icecast broadcasting - IDJC - Internet DJ Console
This has a voip channel that can route correct mix to dj and callers
(full disclosure - lot of people don’t like it and end up doing mix minus on mixing desk instead, but still use all other IDJC features)
This package can control the music/mic mix and record for making a podcast and connect to live icecast/shoutcast stream

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Issues related to package upgrades. Also the place for discussion about pacman in general.
Antergos Mirrors - Connection Time Outs

@a4orce84 i can confirm this error, as i am also experiencing it.

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Problems and questions concerning kernel and hardware support.
Questions regarding the installation of a hardened kernel on Antergos

@exploring_ant said in Questions regarding the installation of a hardened kernel on Antergos:

pacman -Q linux
linux 4.17.14.arch1-1

uname -a is showing currently running kernel…
pacman -Q linux is not showing the same as it should be pacman -Qs linux what would show all packages locally installed with the string linux inside…

And you have different kernels installed the hardened one and the standard (main) one… but as your version is showing 4.17.14 it would be interesting to see the output of pacman -Qs linux

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