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Issues related to Antergos installation.
Removing Antergos: can /etc/grub.d/10_antergos file be safely removed?

This is safe. After remove 10_antergos reinstall “grub” package and regenerate “grub.cfg”

Here is my script to migrate from Antergos to Arch Linux:

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Beginners’ subforum for general Antergos issues.

backing up configs

Good-bye Antergos. It was nice knowing you.

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Post your workstation, desktop, WM/DE issues and questions here.

Antefree Gnome

@JPL said in Antefree Gnome:

I think I got it, and now I understand more of how pacman’s remove options work.

That’s good.

The one thing remaining from Antergos seems to be my /etc/os-release and /etc/issue files, identifying the system as Antergos…

(A side note: /etc/os-release is a softlink, not a real file; it points to real file /usr/lib/os-release)

Both os-release and issue files may be modified by a user, obviously, with caution. It’s what we’re doing installing native Arch. For example, mine are modified in such a way that they report AnteFree Gnome instead of default Antergos Linux:

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Issues related to Audio/Video/Image playback/editing, and gaming.

laptop for multimedia, light gaming

Take a look at this one. You can have it assembled any way you’d like depending on requirements, budget, etc. I can tell you that these computers are built to the highest standard and you can install most any GNU/Linux distribution you like.

I have two of these (one for me, one for my wife) and they are both excellent. I have the EndeavourOS operating system installed on both of ours and that too is excellent. But there are a myriad of GNU/Linux operating systems available and they cost nothing (except some time) to try so that you can see which one you like best.

Give ZaReason a call (1-510-868-5000) in the afternoon and ask for Nate; if he’s not there, ask for Jake. Either of them can answer any questions you may have.

By the way, regarding Photoshop, the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) does practically anything and everything that Photoshop does - and the GIMP costs nothing (like in Free of Charge!). You’ll find, if you investigate, that there is a Linux program equivalent for every Windows program and the Linux programs work at least as well but more often than not, even better than do the Windows ones. At least that has been my experience over 11 years.


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Issues related to package upgrades. Also the place for discussion about pacman in general.
Package update after stopping development of Antergos Linux.

Antergos has never shipped any of mentioned packages. They are all present in the standard, regular Arch repository. It is called [extra]:

firefox chromium (don’t confuse with chrome from google) libreoffice-fresh libreoffice-still

Even if Antergos will be closed, it won’t have any negative impact on the packages availability.

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Problems and questions concerning kernel and hardware support.
Matebook D Ryzen screen artifacts after update

My friend told me, it’s the same with the LTS Kernel, but i tried myself today and it seems that the distortions don’t appear with LTS.
I’m surfin arround for about 1 hour now without any issues.

@joekamprad thanks for the hint!

Will try the latest kernel update next (5.2.2 -> 5.2.4), maybe (hopefully) it was just a temporary bug and is solved in the meantime.

Edit: No, Kernel 5.2.4 did not solve it. Will stay on LTS for now and check the drivers …

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About Antergos

Distribution related information and discussion.

News, Package & Security Advisories, and other important information from the development team.
Antergos Cleanup Packages - When Are They Being Released

@new2antrgs that is true, but technically you will get a working system, also you can not ask for help at Archlinux Forum or channels, you will get support at EndeavourOS Forum

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Discuss antergos code here.

I would like to help you, but I can not.

@judd !!!
I am so so so sorry the hear this. My warmest condolences, keep strong &…hey, DO NOT FORGET this
(I will be expecting you around).

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Issues regarding the forums
Change E-Mail not working

You can get the support help from the email service you are using, or contact the third-party system to fix your issue quickly. For more help visit

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No decsciption available
Installing from Antergos iso after project ends

@Firespray If you are trying to install the entire system from scratch, when the live disc mounts, go into the programs and find GParted. Run that and reformat all of the drives on your computer. Then install. In my experience the Cnchi installer will then work perfectly.

If I misunderstood you and you are trying to install only part of Antergos from the disc, then I apologize for this post.

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Contributions & Discussion

The place to talk about Antergos and share content, tips, and advice.

Post here if you’d like to say hello.

Just Signed Up

@EarthMind Welcome … and this is interesting. Bit Rot? You say i got Bit Rot?
Is this your first time using Antergos? What desktop did you install with BTRFS?

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Discuss GNU/Linux related topics that don't quite fit into other forum categories.
So I bought tow pair of Corsair

Hey guys, so I bought tow pair of Corsair LL120 RGB fans, now the issue is that I don’t have the commander pro or the node pro. Now my question is can I connect the rgb cable from the fan straight to the motherboard? Will it work? I will receive my new computer parts in Sunday so… My motherboard is Asus Strix Z370 F gaming Will it work or I should buy something? And I’m not talking about controling them I just want the rgb to work.

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Post your screenshots. Contribute or share new logos, icons, themes, wallpapers and other artwork here.
Show your desktop

@piotr Thanks…that would be awesome. Maybe it will be the new trend. I know a lot of people like i3 window manager and this just takes it to another level.

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Not Antergos or GNU/Linux-related? Talk about it here!
How to Fix Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail?

Are you having issues with your AOL mail account? If yes then you are on the right page. At AOL tech support +1-888-572-7379 you can fix all your mail issues on the go. Nonetheless, you can also avail some troubleshoots stuff to combat general mail issues. These methods are precisely designed by our experts who possess in-depth experience in the email technology. With our expertise who could resolve all type of mail issues quickly and maintain the integrity of your mail account.

The majority of the mail AOL mail issues are not critical or complex in nature, as they have a tendency to fix by them self in a couple of minutes. Nonetheless, in the worst case, they could bother you with a great deal. Below is a list of some common AOL error code.
• AOL Blerk! Error 1
• AOL Blerk! Error 2
• AOL Blerk! Error 3
• AOL Blerk! Error 5
• AOL Blerk! Error 5

These error codes could appear on your screen in the following circumstances.
• Subpar or mediocre internet connectivity
• Server down on regular basis.
• Mail account attacked by a malicious entity.
• User account authentication issues from the server end.
• Outdated AOL mail version.
In order to get rid of these error codes in a speedier time, you might need to take the advantage of following advances.
Log out from the mail account and exit from the sign in page by closing it.
• Exit from the active window program and application.
• Reboot your PC.
• Waits until your system booted up completely.
• Open your web browser and go to AOL site and then sign in again.
• If the error codes continue to bother you again, follow the next steps
• Open your Web browser and explore the menu tab.
• Open temporary file section.
• Check all the boxes and tap on the OK button to continue.

If still these error codes still refuse to evacuate from your mail account, then make
Sure to connect with AOL Technical Support executive today. We are here to help you. We are open 24x7 and ready to serve you at any point in time.

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Antergos in other languages

If English isn't your first language or you just prefer communicating in another language this area is for you!

Here you can talk catalan (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
libical2 i AUR

@fernandomaroto Sí, sí, sí, això ha funcionat. Després de desinstal·lar libical2 i actualitzar (sudo pacman -Syu), ha instal·lat libcal i s’ha possat a compilar kdelibpim4.
Més de sis hores en funcionament i sense problemes.
Molt agraït.

Sim, sim, sim, isso funcionou. Depois de desinstalar libical2 e atualizar (sudo pacman -Syu), ele instalou libcal e foi compilado kdelibpim4.
Mais de seis horas em operação e sem problemas.
Muito grato

traduït del Català al Portuguès per Google Translate

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Here you can talk Dutch (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Hoest gesteld ..

Mej de nederlandstalige nu anno … vandaag ? :)

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Here you can talk French (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
installation de conky lua sous antergos

salut merci de votre reponse …j ai arrivè a activer AURet j ai trouvè mon conky LUA .

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Here you can talk german (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
sdb kann nicht mounten

Sagt auch der Superblock kann nicht gelesen werden. Eventuell hilft schon fsck

sudo fsck /dev/sdb

Auch wenn es den Superblock nicht reparieren kann wird es etwas ausgeben was helfen wird den Fehler zu finden.

Da Antergos kein funktionierendes Repositorycmehr hat, und wir hier nicht mehr Präsent sind, würde ich dir empfehlen zum EndeavourOS forum zu wechseln.

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Here you can talk hungarian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Understand and Troubleshoot AOL Gold Login Errors

An AOL Gold login error means that you will not be able to access your AOL account or enjoy any of the features of Install AOL Desktop Gold. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the login errors:
• Delete any corrupted files from AOL Desktop Gold
• Restore your Windows system settings
• Close all background apps and clear space on the RAM
• Visit the AOL website and to install AOL Desktop Gold along with the latest software updates
If you are still unable to login to AOL Desktop Gold then you should contact customer support to make sure your account is not compromised.
More Read:

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Here you can talk polish(Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Nieznany powód padnięcia systemu.

Ja też mam problemy z systemem, jakiś haker włamuje mi się ciągle do sieci, rozsyła mojej rodzinie fałszywe linki javascript, aby inwigilować naszą sieć. Wszędzie się loguje za mną tam gdzie ja, używając umyślnie mojego imienia, moich nicków z innych stron, aby tak mi dokuczać i uprawia w ten sposób stalking. W ogóle nie boi się policji. Jest za jakimś proxy lub vpn i czuje się bezkarny, spędziłem miesiące aby go dopaść na razie wiem tyle, że jego prawdziwy nick to LordSpamer, imię to Jacek lub Tomek, szlaja się po wykop i interi, czateri. Lubi nadużywać wykrzykników w swoim pisaniu…!!. , chyba jest z okolic Wrocławia lub Krakowa. Na co dzień prawdopodobnie zajmuje się spamowaniem różnych forum i w ten sposób zarabia. Także może i tobie on popsuł system.

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Here you can talk russian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Какие настройки произведены разработчиком Antergos для pamac-aur???

Меня интересует, какие настройки произведены разработчиком Antergos для pamac-aur, так как сборка пакетов из AUR ИМЕННО в Antergos производится в РАЗЫ быстрее, чем на ЛЮБОМ другом арч-линуксе.
Google Chrome собирается в pamac-aur Antergos за 30 секунд против 3-х минут на других арч-дистрах.
PhpStorm собирается в pamac-aur Antergos за 3 минуты против 15-ти минут на других арч-дистрах.
Буду признателен за какой-то небольшой и понятный мануал.

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Here you can talk spanish (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Pantalla tableta gráfica XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro, ¿me la recomendáis?

Hola chicos,

estoy pensando en comprarme la Artist 15.6 Pro de XP-Pen y me gustaria saber opiniones o experiencias sobre ella. ya sean positivas o negativas… La quiero para hacer ilustraciones y moverme principalmente con photoshop e illustrator y experimentar.

Este modelo XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro de Tableta gráfica , se presenta como alternativa a las pantallas Cintiq 16 de Wacom. Las especificaciones, anunciadas, son excelentes.



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Here you can talk ukrainian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Antergos це добре.

нам потрібно більше змісту тут

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Here you can talk Greek (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Ελληνικά αποσιωπητικά ;

@czam Εντάξει το βρήκα

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Here you can talk Portuguese (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Fórum em português para Antergos!

Boa a todos!

+1 Antergos, via Brasil :D


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  • @new2antrgs that is true, but technically you will get a working system, also you can not ask for help at Archlinux Forum or channels, you will get support at EndeavourOS Forum

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  • N

    Thank you for the explanations regarding FSArchiver, much appreciated!

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  • N

    @joekamprad said in Antergos Cleanup Packages - When Are They Being Released:

    the link to Archlinux Forum is talking about Manjaro what is very different to Antergos.

    The point I was trying to make is that you cannot go in the Arch forum with a modified-to-Arch Antergos installation and ask for help. As you can read in the link I have given above (

    “If you haven’t installed your system as per the Installation Guide, then it isn’t Arch, and it isn’t supported by the Arch community.”

    That’s why I said that a (modified) Antergos system is “orphan” but I hope that people with such systems can still get help if needed in the EndeavourOS forum.

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  • If you want to move to Archlinux, yes a good way to dig in. If you want to have a system like Antergos, may better move to something more convenient and do a clean install.

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  • B

    @joekamprad - Do you recommend using @just steps on how to ‘cleanly remove’ the Antergos packages? I’m assuming we still don’t have any word from the original development team on the final update to clean things up yet?

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