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Replacing existing OS with Antergos in Multi-OS EFI scenario

Will do this evening when I get home

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How i can edit grub2 in antergos

@daogiahieu said:

I have linux mint and antergos in a same computer.
In ubuntu, i have installed grub-customer to change the time count down in grub from 5 to 30 seconds.
But in antergos, i can’t find that :)

Edit: The changes are to be done in the distro, whose Grub2 boots the computer.

As root, edit the file/etc/default/grub Find the line that readsGRUB_TIMEOUT=5 Change that 5 to anything you want Rebuild grub2 configuration filegrub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg Done

Disclaimer: I don’t use Grub2 bloated crap. These suggestions may or may not work.

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Post your workstation, desktop, WM/DE issues and questions here: configuration, printing and mounting issues, general and productivity apps etc. For sound and video, refer to the Multimedia subforum.
Unable to paste large amounts of text into Chromium.

@MichaelTunnell It doesn’t happen in Firefox. It also doesn’t happen in Chrome in OS X, only when booted to Linux.

For example, I am able to paste the following into Firefox (where I’m currently replying from) but not into Chomium (so in Chromium it’s not possible for me to write this reply):

rocket:module ============= NPM packages and ES6 Modules (CJS/AMD too!) for Meteor, on the client and server. **NOTE: This isn't completely ready yet! It'll be fully ready at v1.0.0. It's in a usable state right now if you'd like to provide early feedback, but note that the usage instructions might change a little before 1.0.0. :)** Installation ------------ meteor update --release 1.2-rc.7 meteor add rocket:module Note, a manual update to the release candidate of Meteor (version 1.2-rc.7 or greater) is required until 1.2 is officialy released. Meteor and `rocket:module` ========================== Many useful React components and React-related modules are available on NPM, and can be bundled for the client or the server with `rocket:module`. `rocket:module` also allows you to write CommonJS, AMD, or ES6 modules. `rocket:module` can be used for packages too, not just apps, and it will share (as much as possible) NPM dependencies across packages in an app (and the app itself). Using NPM packages with `rocket:module` --------------------------------------- You can use `rocket:module` to load NPM modules on the client or the server. Here's how: ### 1. Add `rocket:module` meteor update --release 1.2-rc.7 meteor add rocket:module Note that the update command is only temporary until Meteor 1.2 is released. ### 2. Add the NPM packages that you want to `npm.json` Create an `npm.json` file in your app or package that specifies the dependencies you'd like from NPM. In most cases, you should leave the carrot (`^`) in front of the version number to ensure that the most compatible versions of your dependencies can be found. If you need more control of the versions in your package for whatever reason, you can (but try to avoid) [plucking the carrot]( If you're making a package, be sure to add your `npm.json` file via `api.addFiles()`. > `/path/to/your/app/npm.json` > { > "react": "^0.13.1", > "famous": "^0.7.0", > "async": "^1.4.0" > } ### 3. Write code with ES6, CommonJS, or AMD modules. `rocket:module` handles all the JavaScript files in your app. JavaScript files that end with `.entry.js` or are entirely named `"entry.js"` are entry points into your application. You'll need at least one entrypoint file. In each entrypoint you can begin importing whatever you need, like in the following ES6 examples: > `/path/to/your/app/entry.js` > import React from 'react' > import Node from 'famous/core/Node' > import async from 'async' > > ... or > `/path/to/your/app/main.entry.js` > import React from 'react' > import Node from 'famous/core/Node' > import async from 'async' > > ... Note, these last two entry point examples would run on boths sides, the client and the server. Use CommonJS module syntax if you feel more comfortable with that: > `/path/to/your/app/server/entry.js` > let React = require('react') > let Node = require('famous/core/Node') > let async = require('async') > > ... Heck. If you really like AMD, use it: > `/path/to/your/app/server/entry.js` > define([ > 'react', > 'famous/core/Node', > 'async', > ], function( > React, > Node, > async, > ) { > ... > }) You've just imported React, Famous, and async from NPM. Note, `rocket:module` works on both sides, client and server! The last two entry point examples run on the server because they're in a `server` folder. Now *that's* something to feel good about. You can also import local files! > `/path/to/your/app/client/entry.js` > import somethingLocal from './path/to/local/file' > > ... Note, this last one loads on the client only because it's in a `client` folder. That's basically it! See the [example app]( for an actual example. See the [example package]( to learn how to use `rocket:module` in a Meteor package. Module load order ----------------- All your entrypoint files load in the same order as normal files would, based on Meteor's [load order rules]( Note that Meteor's load order rules don't apply to any files that you've ever `import`ed or `require`d into any other file. In this case, the order is defined by you, and loading starts from your entrypoint files. Imported or required files are completely ignored by Meteor's load order mechanism. Files that are not entrypoint files and that are never imported into any other file are ignored by `rocket:module`. Those files are handled exclusively by Meteor's load order mechanism, not by `rocket:module`. Caveats ------- ### Modifying `npm.json` If you make a change to `npm.json`, the server will reload as expected, but will fail to update your NPM dependencies. This will be fixed in `rocket:module` v1.0.0. For now, there are two ways you can work around this (choose one): 1. Relative to your app, run `npm install` inside of both `./meteor/local/rocket-module/platform-builds/web.browser` and `./meteor/local/rocket-module/platform-builds/os`. 2. Stop your Meteor server, remove `.meteor/local/rocket-module` relative to your app, restart Meteor. This option is easier to do, but takes longer because `rocket:module` will have to re-install all NPM dependencies again. ### Build lag You may experience a build delay (sometimes around a minute long) due to a possible bug in the release candidate of Meteor. I hope we can get to the bottom of it soon. See Future improvements ------------------- - ~~`rocket:module` will have a cache before reaching 1.0.0. Until then, your app may take a long time to build if you've got lots of files.~~ Added in `rocket:module` v0.8.1. - Some more speed improvements around NPM package handling. - Version 1.0.0 of `rocket:module` will handle source maps. - Fix npm.json live reload. - Cross-package imports/exports (ES6, CommonJS, or AMD). Roadmap/tasks until 1.0.0 ------------------------- These steps are mostly in the order that they'll be developed. Semver rules apply starting from v0.2.0. ### v0.2.0 (first usable version) - [x] Register a new compiler with Plugin.registerCompiler. - [x] Redo everything but with the files handed to rocket:module by Meteor, thus eliminating the two previous month's worth of work. (: ### v1.0.0 - [x] Switch to npm CLI instead of programmatic usage to see if that fixes random NPM bugs that don't happen when I try from CLI. - [x] Ensure that files that aren't handled by Webpack (for applications) are given back to Meteor so they can be executed. - [x] Let users specify rocket:module configs in rocket-module.json of the app. - [x] Allow an `aliases` config option that works like that of Webpack's `resolve.alias` config option. - [x] Only read npm.json at the root level of a package or app, and same with rocket-module.js of an app. - [x] Use Webpack's caching feature so that only modified files are rebuilt. Make sure to write the replacement of `window` by `RocketModule` to the built files if Webpack's cache reads the built files. - [ ] Make sure that files that are no longer in the project are also not present in rocket:module build cache. - [ ] Does Meteor tell you which files have changed? If so, update only those files on the disk, leaving other files unchanged. - [ ] Add sub-node_modules folders to the resolve/resolveLoader root option if there are any (it happens with dependency forks, but most of the time the first level node_modules folder will be flat because we're using NPM v3). - [ ] Add useful Webpack loaders: babel, coffeescript, typescript, jsx, glslify, css, less, sass, and stylus. - [x] babel - [ ] coffeescript - [ ] typescript - [x] jsx (via babel) - [x] glslify - [x] css - [ ] less - [ ] sass - [ ] stylus - [x] PNG/JPEG - [ ] Get code splitting working (webpack/webpack issue #1296). Currently each entry point is having duplicate code, which is the same as Meteor's dependency handling. - [ ] Handle source maps. - [ ] Use `npm outdated` to detect if we need to run `npm update`. We'll need to run the update command when dependencies listed in npm.json files have changed in order to update the local packages. - [ ] Make a `enforceModules` option that, when true, doesn't handle files unused by Webpack back to Meteor. This makes it so that files are only in your project if they are explicitly required or imported into another file, otherwise their code is completely ignored. - [x] Don't hand files in a `modules` folder back to Meteor. This can be used similarly to the `enforceModules` option to tell rocket:module that these files are meant only to be required or imported into other files, and if they are not, they won't be handed back to Meteor. - [ ] Test in Windows. - [ ] Report file-specific Webpack errors using corresponding InputFile.error() calls. - [ ] Finish commented TODOs that are left in rocket:module. - [x] Update README with usage and configuration documentation. - [x] Describe how to use npm dependencies. - [x] Describe client/server file naming. - [ ] Celebrate! Wooooo! Post v1.0.0 ----------- - [ ] Install Webpack locally instead of using `rocket:webpack`, which will prevent architecture-specific builds of `rocket:module`. - [ ] Add support for browserify transforms.

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Audio/Video/Image issues, playback, creation and editing. Also for games support and discussion.
ffmpeg-full: requires

@Lizzi That’s because you need to use ABS to download the PKGBUILD and related files for the official package. Though, as I mentioned before, if the only reason you want to build it from source is because you want that patch then you will be wasting your time. The package is already patched. Just install it with pacman instead of building from source.

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Problems and questions concerning kernel and hardware support.
Issues with touchscreen. Dell Latitude 7350

Hey @MatteP. I’m interested in getting a 7350 to use with Linux. How’s it going for you now? Did touchegg help?

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Call For Beta Testers: Numix Frost Themes 3.0 and LightDM Webkit2 Greeter 0.2.3

Installed ok via Pacman and Gnome Tweak Tool.

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Issues regarding the forums
Why were avatars changed?

@Modisc google is good at what they do :grinning:

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No decsciption available
Thanks for going with LightDM by default for Gnome

Ah I didn’t realize that. I was running Plasma5 under Antergos prior to this, but I did this by installing antergos-base then building up from there - and I went with SDDM…

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Enlightenment in Antergos


I use lightDM without any issues. Just select it in the left combo box (where all DE’s appear).


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A place for true innovation. Share your own created utilities with the Antergos community.
Perspolise Download manager

One of my firends in Iran made a simple skin for Aria2 which I am using it now and its name is Perspolis, I just wanted to introduce it here in order to make some peoples downloads easier. here are some of its features :

1: you can match it with flashgot

2: you can also use it in terminal with its own options (if you use it in terminal the download info is different with main Aria2 for e.g it has terminal progress bar)

3: simple GUI which has been written by zenity

4: you can have group download with it

5: you can download with it from the sites which needs password and username

6: you can configure it as you like

7: you can order it to open the download directory after the download is finished

8: it has notifications sound

9: if download fails it retry to download again (you can choose that how many times you want Perspolise to retry)

10: you can set proxy for your download in GUI way

11: when you use flashgot it uses 16 connections as default

12: you can match it with Tor and Polipo

13: it has folders that related file goes to related folder

14: you can choose how many seconds the download manager should wait for retry

15: it has log file

16: it has support youtube-dl

17: it has manual

18: and way more …






link text

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Show your Conky.

@XoseM Good request. Thanks for asking.

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Hitler Uses Git

Had a boring day?
Have some developer jokes.*

*Watch this only if you don’t know German

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La pantalla se enciende y apaga constantemente

Hola mmm,

Quizás es algun problema con el lightdm? Has probado instalar el GDM con Gnome por ejemplo?


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Here you can talk russian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Отлючить эффект при прокручивании списка

скроллбар у меня вообще странный в Firefox, если прокручивать очень долго ленту новостей, то бегунок на скроллбаре не становиться очень при очень тонким как это было и есть везде. Он становиться примерно в два раза меньше обычного размера. Может такое не только в firefox, но в фм такое проверить не смогу)

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Rechner friert ein

Also wenn ich richtig recherchiert habe, ist comodo eine Antiviren Software?
Wenn dem so ist, hat Antivirensoftware gerne mal die Eigenheit das System lahmzulegen.
Ansonsten wäre es mal interessant was so im Systemmonitor alles für Prozesse laufen…

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Polska społeczność Antergos

Moja krótka opinia o Linuksie i jej najlepszej dystrybucji - Antergos :),o-wyzszosci-linuksa-nad-windowsem-slow-kilka

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Antergos magyarul

Hagyományos notebookok; az egyik egy Fujitsu Siemens Amilo öreg csotrogány, der fut rajta rendesen.

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Canviar idioma i disposicio de teclat del gnome


Suposo que no només el Gnome, sinó que tindràs tot el sistema en anglès.

Per afegir el català has de:

Editar el fitxer /etc/locale.gen i descomentar (treure el #) de la línia que diu ca_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8 Executar la comanda sudo locale-gen

Ara tens ja els dos idiomes, però tens l’anglès per defecte. Si vols canviar el sistema a català has d’editar el fitxer /etc/locale.conf per què quedi així:


Per canviar-ho a Gnome (disposició de teclat, llengua, …) pots fer-ho des del gnome-control-center (Fes alt+F2 i escriu gnome-control-center)


[1] [url:18n612bc][/url:18n612bc]

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Nom des dossiers


Ce est exceptionnellement décent et merveilleuse poste.
Je suis très heureux joine ce forum.
Je aime particulièrement bien … !!!

Merci beaucoup …

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