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Issues related to Antergos installation.
ZFS Option Greyed Out During Installation

@karasu Thanks karasu - I filed a bug so I’ll see what I can do to take it out of existence.

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Beginners’ subforum for general Antergos issues.

Cannot change language even after uncommenting

Very good.

Just a note. Changing a topic’s Subject by adding [Solved] to it is not a good practice, as it breaks the thread in various email clients and feed readers. It is done this way:



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Post your workstation, desktop, WM/DE issues and questions here.

Font rendering in GTK apps under KDE

That’s good. Just remember, these settings | improvements don’t affect font rendering in Chromium under Kde. They’re controlled in another way.

Thanks for marking the topic as [Solved].

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Issues related to Audio/Video/Image playback/editing, and gaming.

Error message keeps coming up when trying to run some programs

@joekamprad Installing sdl2 from the official repos fixed the issue, thanks!

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Issues related to package upgrades. Also the place for discussion about pacman in general.
Incorrect installation path for feedreader 2.0.1-1

I confirm the error too. Feedreader 2.0.1 is installed from [antergos] repo with wrong paths and is unusable.

The package with the same name exists also in the AUR - feedreader 2.0. This one, if installed, works correctly. It is installed into /bin, /lib64, /usr/share folders.

Pamac gets confused because of identical package names in AUR and [antergos]. It proposes to upgrade AUR-feedreader with [antergos]-feedreader. If upgrade is accepted, it immediately breaks AUR-feedreader. Feedreader stops working.

Personally, I prefer to use Ice-SSB, a site specific browser, to get a standalone web applications in any DE. Any web site | page may be transformed in a regular application - like Distrowatch, Antergos Home, Antergos Forum, Inoreader, Feedly, everything. They are much faster and more reliable than feedreader.

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Problems and questions concerning kernel and hardware support.
Problem installing HP 2540

Hi, i finally fixed the printer, although it’s not perfect yet:

sudo /usr/sbin/cups-browsed
sudo systemctl enable org.cups.cupsd.service

Copied the text from Linux Mint’s ppd file

Through the Cups site (http://localhost:631/): (printer managers still doesn’t work last time i checked!!!)

Changed the conection code to the same from linux mint

Added the users as “allowed to print”

And worked, although i really don’t know exactly which step fixed the problem, i was completly lost and trying anything/everything.

I wnt to thank you @joekamprad and @karasu for your support.

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About Antergos

Distribution related information and discussion.

News, Package & Security Advisories, and other important information from the development team.
"Oh no! Something has gone wrong" Error With Latest ISO Image

@oguzk please, do not necro bump an old thread:

As @anarch said, this thread is too old to be relevant to your error. Open a new thread.


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Issues regarding the forums
Antergos IRC and telegram bridge

So, another reply by the guy who runs T8. Any other statements from the Antergos team members?

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Discuss antergos code here.

Ideas for GSoC projects
Ideas for GSoC projects Create a GUI for nvidia-installer Fix ZFS installation and finish zfs installation screen Remendo 6dots (fix a11y in Cnchi and live cd) Fix installer for laptops (tlp, …) Add NFS option to Cnchi

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No decsciption available
Vivaldi 1.7 in the Antergos repo?

Sorry guys,

I was trying to fork this topic, to continue Vivaldi talks in another thread, and accidentally lost some (many) final posts. Mea culpa.

Locking this topic from new posts. Open a new “Vivaldi talks” thread, if it is needed.

I’m sorry.

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Contributions & Discussion

The place to talk about Antergos and share content, tips, and advice.

Discuss GNU/Linux related topics that don't quite fit into other forum categories.
Best Terminal Emulator

I see NOW that we pack terminix… lmao…

Well, I still prefer terminator as I like lightweight terminals. I can do all this tilling with keyboard shortcuts as I’m using i3.

For Gnome (or “mouse” people in general) terminix looks beautiful!

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A place for true innovation. Share your own created utilities with the Antergos community.
How to install iTunes in Antergos linux?

The current releases of libgpod and gtkpod support the iPod Touch and the iPhone OS 3.1.x up to iOS 4.3.x. It is possible to transfer pictures and music without limitations.

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Post your screenshots. Contribute or share new logos, icons, themes, wallpapers and other artwork here.
antergos seed

alt text

and as a wallpaper: alt text

Camera Model: NIKON D3100
Image Date: 2013-04-20 19:43:11 (no TZ)
Focal Length: 55mm (35mm equivalent: 82mm)
Aperture: ƒ/5.6
Exposure Time: 0.050 s (1/20)
ISO equiv: 200
Exposure Bias: none
Metering Mode: Matrix
Exposure: aperture priority (semi-auto)
White Balance: Auto
Flash Fired: No
Orientation: Normal
Color Space: sRGB
GPS Coordinate: undefined, undefined
Software: GIMP 2.8.18

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Not Antergos or GNU/Linux-related? Talk about it here!
What makes you happy these days?

@ghostdawg said in What makes you happy these days?:

We’re only on this earth for a little while!

:+1: :bangbang:

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Antergos in other languages

If English isn't your first language or you just prefer communicating in another language this area is for you!

Here you can talk catalan (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Canviar idioma i disposicio de teclat del gnome


Suposo que no només el Gnome, sinó que tindràs tot el sistema en anglès.

Per afegir el català has de:

Editar el fitxer /etc/locale.gen i descomentar (treure el ‘#’) de la línia que diu ca_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8 Executar la comanda sudo locale-gen

Ara tens ja els dos idiomes, però tens l’anglès per defecte. Si vols canviar el sistema a català has d’editar el fitxer /etc/locale.conf per què quedi així:


Per canviar-ho a Gnome (disposició de teclat, llengua, …) pots fer-ho des del gnome-control-center (Fes alt+F2 i escriu gnome-control-center)


Més info:

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Here you can talk Dutch (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Nederlandstalig gedeelte op het forum

Hoewel Nederlandstalig, gebruik ik eigenlijk alleen maar een Englelstalige lay-out.
Ik gebruik beide, Mate en Plasma 5. Een Antergos fan voor ongeveer een jaar nu.

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Here you can talk French (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Nouvel utilisateur d'Antergos

Merci judd

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Here you can talk german (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
keine deutsche Tastatur mit nomachine


okay, dort steht es schwarz auf weiß. Was mich jedoch wieder verwundert. Mit Ubuntu, vorm Wechsel auf Antergos, musste ich etwas in einer Datei ändern womit das Problem behoben war. Hatte es mir leider nicht notiert. Danach mit Antergos und Gnome hatte ich kein Keyboard Layout Problem. Alles deutsch. Jetzt mit Antergos und KDE habe ich das alte Problem. Nun wollte ich ungern nochmal Antergos mit Gnome installieren. Mir gefällt nämlich der Dateimanager sehr gut. Ich dachte jemand könnte mir sagen das man in “der Datei dort” einen Eintrag ändert und der Spuk wäre vorbei. Scheinbar geht das nicht, was Schade wäre.

Ich nutze schon seit Jahren, seit Ubuntu, nomachine, weil es einfach flüssig läuft. Vorher mit VNC war es mir zu träge. Das zur Begründung zur Nutzung von nomachine. Falls sich jemand wundern sollte.

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Here you can talk hungarian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Antergos magyarul

Hagyományos notebookok; az egyik egy Fujitsu Siemens Amilo öreg csotrogány, der fut rajta rendesen.

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Here you can talk polish(Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Dzień dobry !

Dzięki za podpowiedż ale w Antergos instalacja drukarki LaserJet P 1102w inaczej:
1.Można podłączyć drukarkę przewodowo.
W terminalu wpisać “hp-setup --i " -przez usb i dalej…
2.zainstalować z repozytorium GUI Moduły PyQt4 i PyQt5 (u mnie wystarczyło tylko PyQt5) i wtedy wpisać w terminalu
"hp-setup -u” i zainstalować obsługę przez wi-fi.
(Z - Ubuntu, hpcups 3.16.11 - Manjaro a Fotoomatic/foo2zjs-z2 w Debianie.) Teraz już wszystko przerobiłem.

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Here you can talk russian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Скачивание дистрибутива

@tuxnot Не знаю. Тупо перенаправляет на Форум. Уже сообщил ребятам, которые следят за этим.

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Here you can talk spanish (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
No puedo actualizar qtwebkit desde AUR

Surge la actualización de qtwebkit de la versión 2.3.4-4 a la 2.3.4-5, pero ya sea que lo intente por pamac como por consola, parece quedar la compilación en un bucle que no acaba nunca.
No se si puedo desinstalar el paquete (que es requerido por clipgrab y qgis) y volver a instalarlo. Tampoco me ha servido intentar forzar la actualización con yaourt -S --force qtwebkit…
¿Cómo puedo solucionarlo?

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Here you can talk ukrainian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Antergos це добре.

нам потрібно більше змісту тут

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Here you can talk Greek (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Μεταφράσεις στο Transifex

Συγχαρητήρια όλους για την προσπάθεια που κάνετε. Μπράβο!!!

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