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Issues related to Antergos installation.
Blackscreen after Installation - Mouse in corner, X11, Lightdm


I did a installation of Antergos. At the installation from the live cd I (again) had the problem that my cursor was stucked in the upper left corner. As I have had this bug earlier, but I remembered the solution. At the startup of the live cd I changed the Kernel Mode to “No ACPI”.
Therefore I would install Antergos and use the mouse at the installation.

After the installation and everything worked (I have done this today for 4 times…) I wanted to start Antergos, however my mouse cursor is stucked in the upper left corner and then I get a full blackscreen (no TTY).

However with “quiet 3” inside Grub I managed to get TTY-access and I could startx and lightdm in test/debug mode, but my mouse cursor is still stucked. I tried the famous invisible mouse cursor uxa fix of the antergos wiki, but after creating the conf-file and rebooting I can’t start lightdm anymore and startx gives me an X11 error “(EE) no screens found (EE)” (which I will upload in a minute).

I also found out that chinchi isn’t installing/ offering to install Nvidia-drivers. At one of my many installation tried I found out that the nvidia drivers weren’t installed, but installing them didn’t really use anything.



I onced tried installing and enabling GDM but it didn’t worked either. But maybe I installed in wrong. (Installing through pacman, enabling and rebooting).
Hope you guys can help.

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Beginners’ subforum for general Antergos issues.

Juniper Pulse VPN - Openconnect Problems

I’ve used Cisco AnyConnect before on Linux. I used the Cisco client but it installed with out issue.

Whichever route you take to login to the Cisco VPN, you’ll need to have your network administrator turn on Linux support if it hasn’t already been.

Once that is complete, you should be able to connect to the Cisco website that your company has setup. Once you login and it verifies you, it will install a client through java.

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Post your workstation, desktop, WM/DE issues and questions here.

Webkit2GTK 2.14.3 update prevents LightDM from loading

@herbie one more screw up with lightdm and I will try your sddm ;-)

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Issues related to Audio/Video/Image playback/editing, and gaming.

[Solved] Bad gaming performance with 1080

@got-it-man Fixed it. The famous “export __GL_YIELD=USLEEP” for preventing screen tearing in KDE caused huge performance loss.
Just don’t use this to get grid of tearing ;)

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Issues related to package upgrades. Also the place for discussion about pacman in general.
Yaourt: No space left on device

Am having the same issue , i tried to edit the file but i can seem to have it saved, it prompt saying i dont have permission, please help

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Problems and questions concerning kernel and hardware support.
Hibernate on Low Battery


I am trying to get hibernate to work correctly. I read the following wiki here:

But neither of those utilities running in terminal give me anything on my XPS 13. Is there something I can do so it auto-hibernates itself when it reaches 1-2% of battery life?


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About Antergos

Distribution related information and discussion.

News, Package & Security Advisories, and other important information from the development team.
Package Advisory: webkit2gtk-2.14.3-1

I just updated and the bug is fixed. I noticed some kind of “fading efect” on screen after login as @a4orce84 said.


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Issues regarding the forums
How to subscribe to subforums' RSS feeds?

@lots.0.logs Thank you.

I confirm that it’s uBlock Origin Firefox and Chromium extension to hide and deactivate the RSS icon here.

Temporarily disabling the extension makes the icon immediately to appear.

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Discuss antergos code here.

No decsciption available
Congratulations for your great linux distro ! IT rocks !

@christhegreek if you want to roll back kernels use this:

You must install these 2 packages:
yaourt -S downgrade
pacman -S expac

Command to see recent upgraded packages:
expac --timefmt=’%Y-%m-%d %T’ ‘%l\t%n’ | sort | tail -20

with that you can chose the kernel you want (don’t forget the headers though)

And all new kernels are anyway available asap.

The downgrade function is quite important, hope it will help lots of people ;-)

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Contributions & Discussion

The place to talk about Antergos and share content, tips, and advice.

Discuss GNU/Linux related topics that don't quite fit into other forum categories.
intel-ucode as an option in the installer?

Yeah, I’m lazy and I never use AMD :panda_face:

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A place for true innovation. Share your own created utilities with the Antergos community.
Antergos: Automatically download updates via SYSTEMD

@lots.0.logs said

had to revert the main website to the most recent backup yesterday and it looks like your article was created after the last backup was made

Yes, quite reasonable. I saw a norification about an upgrade during my working on the article.

@lots.0.logs said

I’m afraid its gone. Sorry about that

Never mind. I guess it was bad timing. I ll make a new post!

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Post your screenshots. Contribute or share new logos, icons, themes, wallpapers and other artwork here.
Show your desktop

alt text

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Not Antergos or GNU/Linux-related? Talk about it here!
What makes you happy these days?

@lucky1988 I agree. I just lost close friends & love ones in Dec. and two this month. Enjoy the simple things in life. Tell those close to you how much you love them and care for them! We’re only on this earth for a little while!

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Antergos in other languages

If English isn't your first language or you just prefer communicating in another language this area is for you!

Here you can talk catalan (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Canviar idioma i disposicio de teclat del gnome


Suposo que no només el Gnome, sinó que tindràs tot el sistema en anglès.

Per afegir el català has de:

Editar el fitxer /etc/locale.gen i descomentar (treure el ‘#’) de la línia que diu ca_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8 Executar la comanda sudo locale-gen

Ara tens ja els dos idiomes, però tens l’anglès per defecte. Si vols canviar el sistema a català has d’editar el fitxer /etc/locale.conf per què quedi així:


Per canviar-ho a Gnome (disposició de teclat, llengua, …) pots fer-ho des del gnome-control-center (Fes alt+F2 i escriu gnome-control-center)


Més info:

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Here you can talk Dutch (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Nederlandstalig gedeelte op het forum

Hoewel Nederlandstalig, gebruik ik eigenlijk alleen maar een Englelstalige lay-out.
Ik gebruik beide, Mate en Plasma 5. Een Antergos fan voor ongeveer een jaar nu.

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Here you can talk French (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Impossible de se connecter après installation Antergos xfce

Après reinstall de l’OS ça fonctionne !

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Here you can talk german (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Bin neu bei Antergos

Auch wenn es jetzt 4 Monate später kommt…
Willkommen und viel Spaß mit deinem System :-)

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Here you can talk hungarian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Antergos magyarul

Hagyományos notebookok; az egyik egy Fujitsu Siemens Amilo öreg csotrogány, der fut rajta rendesen.

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Here you can talk polish(Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Dzień dobry !

Witam, instalację drukarki przez Wifi należy wykonać w HP setup z pakietu hplip. Tam należy wybrać opcję bezprzewodowej konfiguracji i postępować zgodnie z instrukcjami na ekranie. Co prawda nie robiłem tego na Antergosie, lecz na innym linuksie, ale myślę że powinno również działać. Pozdrawiam.

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Here you can talk russian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Скачивание дистрибутива

@tuxnot Не знаю. Тупо перенаправляет на Форум. Уже сообщил ребятам, которые следят за этим.

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Here you can talk spanish (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Hola Kara.

La verdad si la conecto la laptop al smart tv con hdmi para ver series…etc. Pero ese error igual me lo lanza si no tengo el hdmi conectado. De todas formas muchas gracias, y como no me da problemas graves, lo pasare por alto :+1:

@karasu said in Intel_dp_start_link_train?:


Como supongo habrás adivinado es del driver de tu tarjeta gráfica (intel).

He leído por ahí que puede traer problemas de cuelgues en según qué resoluciones y sólo si conectas por HDMI o Displayport (no sé si es tu caso).

Parece que los desarrolladores del driver pasan bastante de este bug.

La verdad es que si no tienes problemas de cuelgues, yo no le haría caso.

Más info:


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Here you can talk ukrainian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Antergos це добре.

нам потрібно більше змісту тут

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Here you can talk Greek (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Μεταφράσεις στο Transifex

Συγχαρητήρια όλους για την προσπάθεια που κάνετε. Μπράβο!!!

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