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Issues related to Antergos installation.
No /etc/adjtime directory - cnchi error

@karasu said in No /etc/adjtime directory - cnchi error:


It looks like hwclock is unable to access to your clock system. We’ve never found this before!

Well… there is a very easy modification you can do to cnchi to be able to install (just delete one line).

Here it goes:

Load livecd iso Wait until Cnchi is updated and close it. Open a terminal Edit file: sudo nano /usr/share/cnchi/cnchi/installation/ Search for self.auto_timesetting() (it should be in line 1373) Delete the whole line (ctrl+k), save (ctrl+o) and quit (ctrl+x). Run Cnchi again: sudo -E cnchi -dv (do not close the terminal).

I hope this is not too cumbersome. Cheers!

Thank you very much! This worked.

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Beginners’ subforum for general Antergos issues.

xdg-open doesn't work for opening directories

It seems that you don’t have a default application associated with the inode/directory mimetype. Which is unusual, since I think Antergos has it set for you, based on the DE you chose during installation. To be sure issue the following command:

$ xdg-mime query default inode/directory

If you get no output, there’s no association and you need to create one. If you get an output, then that is the .desktop file that is being associated with directories.

Assuming you got output, if you then type the following command, you should learn what program is being used to open directories, and possibly why it is failing:
$ grep '^Exec=' ~/.local/share/applications/<name.desktop>
Replace <name.desktop> with the file named by the previous command.

Otherwise, you need to create the association. This depends on the Desktop Environment and what file manager you wish to use by default. Many Desktop Environments have an option to name global default applications, like a default browser, default mail program and default file manager. Look for it in the desktop environment settings.

If otherwise you wish to do this manually, I will need to create the default application association by using a command such as $ xdg-mime default <name.desktop> inode/directory. For this to work a .desktop file for the application you wish to use must already exist in ~/.local/share/applications/. If you don’t have such a file, it needs to be created. In that case, open any other .desktop file in that directory in your editor to have an idea of their format. And get also help from the XDG Specification.

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Post your workstation, desktop, WM/DE issues and questions here.

Monitors are sleepping after few seconds of inactivity

you can make it permanent:

nano ~/.config/autostart/screensaver-settings.desktop

with this inside:

[Desktop Entry] Type=Application Name=screensaver Comment=Set timeout of the screen saver to no not doing this! Exec=xset -dpms; xset s off

make it executable with:

chmod +x ~/.config/autostart/screensaver-settings.desktop

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Issues related to Audio/Video/Image playback/editing, and gaming.

kernel linux-covolunablu-gaming

Hi mbalino,

sorry for the long reply, I had some login problems.

I explored a bit the linux-zen project and tried to get what the changes in the code are.
Going to the website I couldn’t even find a list of patchsets or a list of changes they made. Only thing I discovered is that the changes are all desktop focused to improve latency and general experience.
I didn’t do a performance comparison and to be honest the linux-zen project would probably win. They have years of experience and more manpower behind that I personally don’t have.
The only real reason why I would suggest my work over theirs is that mine is basically a stock kernel with configuration changes, especially now that BFQ is being integrated in the mainline code. This means that understanding what are you modifying is much easier to understand and the code is more protected by bugs.

By the way I just checked and the BFQ scheduler is not the default on the linux-zen project. Maybe I should maintain a different package in which I set the BFQ as default.
I want to state the what I think is the biggest improvement here is the BFQ disk scheduler, the other ones are just cherries on the top of the cake.

Probably the linux-zen is performing better, but it doesn’t have BFQ as a default (which I personally think is game changing).
The real improvements is that I can state the list of changes from mainline in a small description, while the linux-zen project doesn’t even provide one.


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Issues related to package upgrades. Also the place for discussion about pacman in general.
There are not updates

@renzocaam said in There are not updates:

It worked, thank you!!!

Ok, you’re welcome! Just please mark the post as solved please!


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Problems and questions concerning kernel and hardware support.
Screen flashes black OR turns off and back on...

Maybe this link will throw a clue …

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About Antergos

Distribution related information and discussion.

Discuss antergos code here.

How to create a custom Repo for packages

@joekamprad said in How to create a custom Repo for packages:
so it is may only a matter of the right url in your case?

I just checked, and sadly Dropbox does not have a ‘Public’ folder anymore, so this is not possible:disappointed:. It’s a good idea though:grinning:. And at least I found something that works for me…

Thank you for all of your help here. I greatly appreciate it.

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Issues regarding the forums
Add a picture
One word to describe the link [wallpaper] Direct link to the picture (

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No decsciption available
Antergos is a dragon

Well I’m glad at least a few of you thought it was somewhat amusing ;)

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Contributions & Discussion

The place to talk about Antergos and share content, tips, and advice.

Post here if you’d like to say hello.

YOU ARE WELCOME! ... say hello to the community:

@Krugar said

I also look forward to contribute to the Antergos development in the future in any way I can.

+1 :thumbsup:

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Discuss GNU/Linux related topics that don't quite fit into other forum categories.
Antergos doesn't boot past the /dev/sdx clean screen

I found a fix. I forgot to mention that I had edited my Synaptics driver earlier to turn on natural scrolling. I just pasted the text into the synaptics config and saved it thinking it would only affect my touchpad if I put it in wrong. The result was Xorg not being able to start. When I switched to tty2 and typed startx it had a lot of text but I was able to make out my file I’d made in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ in a file I called “new-50-synaptics.conf” and that it was the only error. I did sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/new-50-synaptics.conf and removed the piece I’d added. I typed startx again and it worked. I later added the same piece again but properly and with a section identifier and it worked. Now I have natural scrolling and I can use my PC! I hope that that because I looked at a lot of other forum posts about similar topics and none of them had this fix.

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A place for true innovation. Share your own created utilities with the Antergos community.
[i3 Medicine] Spoon #1 - A trash applet to your statusbar

Not that I know of… perhaps you could fill that slot if you so desire? (Just guessing at the intent behind your question here ;)).

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Post your screenshots. Contribute or share new logos, icons, themes, wallpapers and other artwork here.
Show your desktop

Thank you ,but I’m good:grinning:. (Their wallpapers are all on Github).

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Not Antergos or GNU/Linux-related? Talk about it here!
Could you please check out my game?


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Antergos in other languages

If English isn't your first language or you just prefer communicating in another language this area is for you!

Here you can talk catalan (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Canviar idioma i disposicio de teclat del gnome


Suposo que no només el Gnome, sinó que tindràs tot el sistema en anglès.

Per afegir el català has de:

Editar el fitxer /etc/locale.gen i descomentar (treure el ‘#’) de la línia que diu ca_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8 Executar la comanda sudo locale-gen

Ara tens ja els dos idiomes, però tens l’anglès per defecte. Si vols canviar el sistema a català has d’editar el fitxer /etc/locale.conf per què quedi així:


Per canviar-ho a Gnome (disposició de teclat, llengua, …) pots fer-ho des del gnome-control-center (Fes alt+F2 i escriu gnome-control-center)


Més info:

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Here you can talk Dutch (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Netwerk interface komt niet op met antergos Core edition

Dankzij de Google Translator, ik begrijp een beetje Nederlands, maar alleen omdat ik Noord-Duitse voorouders.

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Here you can talk French (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Nouvel utilisateur d'Antergos

Salut salut je viens aussi d’installer a l’instant Antergos mais j’ai malheureusement fais le con avec mes partitions et j’ai perdu les 2TO de mon disque C: qui tourner sous windows je suis très triste :’(

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Here you can talk german (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Ein CPU-Kern auf 100% beim Systemstart

@Talvi said in Ein CPU-Kern auf 100% beim Systemstart:

Ich muss zwischen den einzelnen Neustarts immer einige Stunden vergehen lassen

Schon mal einen CPU stresstest gemacht? und die Temperaturen gecheckt?

Einige STunden hört sich für mich nach Hardware-Erweichung an…

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Here you can talk hungarian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
megoldva - webkitgtk2


Néhány csomag (pl. gnucash, pytrainer) telepítéséhez szükséges a címben szereplő webkitgtk2 csomag. Valami okból kifolyólag a csomagkezelőből való telepítése errorba ütközik.
Ezt találtam, ami működik:

yaourt -S downgrade
/usr/bin/downgrade webkitgtk2
(# Select 1)
(# Add to IgnrList
yaourt -S remarkable


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Here you can talk polish(Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

As far as personal tastes go, I personally prefer Mist as my shell theme over anything else right now.

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Here you can talk russian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Скачивание дистрибутива

@tuxnot Понятно. Там не смотрел - я соцсетями не пользуюсь. У меня там даже аккаунтов нет.

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Here you can talk spanish (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
¿Cómo se llama esta herramienta?

Buenas, disculpen cuando instalé el sistema operativo había una aplicación en donde podría ver mi nombre de usuario, cambiarlo, ver la versión de gnome instalada y hacer otras cosas más, sin embargo me parece que la eimiliné por error, ya que no me aparece y vaya que la he buscado, alguien me podría decir el nombre para instalarla de nuevo?

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Here you can talk ukrainian (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)
Antergos це добре.

нам потрібно більше змісту тут

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Here you can talk Greek (Just general questions please. For specific matters use the correct forum)

Προβλημα με update

Ευχαριστώ και από εδώ!!!

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